Viewing webs via an Apple Mac

  yattonharrytoo 17:43 10 Dec 2006

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this riddle?

My friends have a website at:
click here

Up until recently my friend's husband was able to view the site via his AppleMac using Safari 1.1 [?] browser without any problems.

She had some difficulties with updating the site, and I helped her and uploaded the web site from my computer. Since that time, he has not been able to read much of the content of several pages via the MAC although it is fine via a PC.

Help please???

  yattonharrytoo 19:59 10 Dec 2006

Hi we didn't validate as we are hoping to redo the whole website shortly and use css and _includes

Husband cannot se the full content of the Home oage for instance and Devon and Cornwall and Oxford

Many thanks for assistance.

  yattonharrytoo 20:01 10 Dec 2006

Sorry he can see Landscapes

  PurplePenny 20:17 10 Dec 2006

Sorry no answer: just wondered whether you are a neighbour. (I'm in Yarnton which is between Oxford and Woodstock)

  Forum Editor 00:00 11 Dec 2006

in Safari version 2.0.4 on my PowerMac, and it looks fine to me, although I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing.

I can certainly see the South Devon and Cornwall pages, but the Cornwall page looks different to the other pages - there's nothing other than an image of a book cover and some red upper-case tiles with ISBN numbers. The same applies to Taw-Torridge

The Landscapes text link isn't working by the way, although the nav button is.

How did you upload the files from your machine - did you use an FTP program?

  yattonharrytoo 08:54 11 Dec 2006

Hi there, Thanks P Penny we are in Kingston Bagpuize so hi there - I used to live in Yarnton -Rutten Lane! Small world!

On the Hone page Mac can see for instance Cities in Stone but no descriptive text afterwards. It is the sort of thing then that you cannot see Forum Ed.

Just checked with them again. He cannot see correctly Home | Exmoor | Cornwall | Sth Devon

We tried to publish using FP ftp but had an error message 550? sorry written down error message is at friend's house. So in end, as we could not manage to get banner and side nav bar showing correctly [and I guessed this was the _derived folder, which we could not access via FP Ftp to make sure that this was correctly uploaded,] we came to my computer and used Cute FTP to upload. I uploaded the whole website in one go - to make sure that dratted _derived went up too.

What I did not do is to try to publish via my FP ftp. I will try that now and see if I can do this.

Very many thanks for great response.

  yattonharrytoo 09:57 11 Dec 2006

Ok, I have now tried publishing via my FP ftp and I get an error message - 500 RT Not understood and another that my friend had yesterday errors.doc/Bad request. HTML exsists in destination server

So I have now uploaded it again [as FP wanted to delete a file on the destin.server and whether you said yes or no it still deleted].

I have also uploaded it to my ISP Plus net server.
Here click here.

The MAC still cannot read correctly on my server or on theirs.

Thanks for any help

  yattonharrytoo 15:54 11 Dec 2006

Hello Thank you for all of your help. Have decided to redesign the site for her - nice time over Xmas eh? Hopefuly with css and loss of all those additional MS coding it will word correctly.

Thanks very much. I hadn't used iCapture before - its good thanks for that too.

  Forum Editor 17:16 11 Dec 2006

and it's dawned on me that the site was designed using MS FrontPage.

If you use FTP to upload a site to a server that's running Frontpage extensions you'll break the extensions, and the site will often stop working - especially if you use any of the special FP components. You must upload a Frontpage site from within FrontPage if you want a trouble-free upload.

Why don't you reset the FP extensions on the server? You can do it yourself with many hosting control panels, or ask the host to do it for you.

Then upload the site from within FP and say 'Yes' if FP asks for permission to overwrite files already on the server.

  yattonharrytoo 17:23 11 Dec 2006

I don't have FP extensions ticked - so don't use them. Are you saying that the host is allowing the FP extensions?

I wouldn't know how to begin to reset the FP extensions - this is a very odd hosting panel in any case. Loads of folders which seem little to do with my friends. What would I be looking for?

That is when I was getting the error BTW - when I USED FrontPage 2003 ftp to publish to the server. All I can do is to use Cute ftp and drag the folders across - not good with Frontpage.

  Forum Editor 18:36 11 Dec 2006

in the control panel then they're not working. here's no need to use them of course, you can upload a Frontpage site without any extensions and it will work perfectly well, but none of the special FP components (like hover buttons) will work.

FP 2003 is very good, and will publish to a server without any problems, provided you tell it where to go, and give it the username/password combination. It will show you the local and remote web structures, will compare local and remote files, and highlight those files in the local web which differ from those on the server.

Tell it to publish the entire site, rather than just the changed files, and it will overwrite everything that's on the server. Provided you're happy that your saved local copy is the one you want, you'll end up with a mirror of it on the server.

The key to FP website management is to make sure you publish the site to a folder on your hard drive before uploading to the server. Never, ever edit the server-side copy, always make changes to your local copy first, and then upload.

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