viewing mac file formats on pc

  Rob-G 17:43 24 Jan 2004

i received an email attachment of a photo in mac format , the file is named simply PictureClipping and there was no extension, i can't get in touch with the sender to ask for a windows compliant format be sent to me so i was wondering does anyone know of a viewer or convertor that can make this file viewable under windows ?

  Pesala 21:08 24 Jan 2004

Difficult if you don’t know the original format, but XnView click here does read Mac Paint files for example, along with a few others (~_~)

It is free, and often recommended, so nothing much to lose by downloading it, except time.

  ventanas 22:21 24 Jan 2004

The default mac format is pict (.pct in Windows)

Pain Shop Pro can read these files. I'm not saying it will be this format, but it is highly likely.

  Rob-G 19:53 25 Jan 2004

neither of those suggestions worked but thanks for the feedback

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