Using my iMac listening 2 MrCreepyPasta podcast whilst browsing the web, then had loud alarm accurrd

  Jwbjnwolf 16:04 20 Aug 2012

My mac is back fine now, but I think Jeff The killer (creepypasta) decided to almost have a heart attack.

I were listening to MrCreepyPasta podcast of Jeff The killer whilst browsing on safari, no going on weird sites thats for sure lol and then suddenly everything basically haulted and My Mac started bleeping SOOOO LOUD!!!! like that sound that get if there is a hardware failure like cannot find the RAM etc, and the fact that I had the volume quite loud because the podcast a bit on the quiet side, the bleeping made me almost fall off my seat.

ugh, was nice and relaxed listening to Jeff the Killer (more sad and lovely story than scary really) which i absolutely love, and then I have that scare -__-. so i obviously held 5 seconds to turn it off and when turned it back on it were fine, so that was weird, most likely was a silly thing like couldnt find the ram for second.

but what a coincidence -__- or was it lol. my friend who is also really addicted to creepypasta, especially jeff the killer, she's had weird things go on with her ipod when she has listened to creepypasta stuff lol.

the latest spook she had was that whilst she were listening to jeff the killer, her ipod crashed and when it restarted, guess what started playing? thriller. Oo she was so spooked. Oo.

Anyways, about my mac, and that bleeping, I experienced it once when I switched the ram to 16gb and once shortly after, oh and when I had an efi update which I guess was normal, but thats been when started up, not in the middle of using my mac. O_o

Not that concerned, as my mac is fine now, but quite curious lol.

thanks for any answers:)

Jase Wolf

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