Using an Apple monitor with my Viao?

  laychee 12:06 28 Nov 2007

My Sony Vaio PCZ-RZ-324 has a Nvidia FX 5600 (Asus variant) graphics card with a DVI port which cables can be plugged into at the back of my machine. I bought the machine with a VGA Sony monitor.

My better half has a fairly new 20" Apple Mac monitor which I have been passed (this one: click here).

However, when the monitor is connected there is no output to the monitor. When the computer is connected and started up, a blank black screen only. Not any BIOS loading information, not any Windows XP Home logo, nothing. Just the machine running and a black screen.

I have found the following page at Apple: click here - its first paragraph suggests the reason for my problem maybe? I am not sure, I have no idea what it means :(


1) What might be the reason for the black screen, and if it is the reason listed on the apple website, how can I find out if my graphics card "supports the full single link and/or dual link bandwidth defined in the DVI specification"?

2) What to do to resolve, if this IS solvable?

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