Using Acronis to clone a machine

  howard64 09:09 21 Jul 2009

I use Acronis and when my hard disk failed I was impressed at how quickly my pc was, up and running as before with the new drive installed, and not a single thing for me to alter. Talking with a friend and explaining that if his business pc failed he could be up and running almost immediately by plugging in a spare pc and using the Acronis start up disk and the external hard drive. Then it struck me this would not work. Changing a hard drive no problem as the motherboard and graphics card etc., were the same as the backup. Putting his backup onto a different pc would mean probably different equipment and drivers needed. I am sure I read somewhere that you could use Acronis to clone another pc but cannot work out how this could be achieved. Does anyone know if this is possible or can it only work when changing a drive in an existing machine.

  Technotiger 09:31 21 Jul 2009

Existing machine only - extremely doubtful whether two different machines would have identical hardware and settings!

  Technotiger 09:35 21 Jul 2009

Cloning is intended to be used when upgrading from a smaller hard-drive to a larger capacity hard-drive, within the same machine.

  Terry Brown 10:33 21 Jul 2009

To run a business PC without backup is extremly risky. Advise your friend to get a copy of Acronis (or similar backup program)and back up his machine to an external drive as soon as possible.

I suggest the Grandfather ,Father,Son routine.

backup 1 is the son
Backup 2 becomes the Son and backup 1 becomes Father
backup 3 becomes Son, backup 2 moves up a generation and backup 1 becomes Grandfather.

On the 4th backup , grandfather 'Dies'(deleted) and the cycle continues.

Tommorrow may be too late.

  howard64 10:47 21 Jul 2009

thanks Terry Brown he already does a very comprehensive backup and we have on occasions set up a spare pc to run the backups to prove that all is working correctly. What I was trying to do was provide a simple service should his main pc which acts as the server for the business fails. Just to connect a spare pc and run the clone process. At this moment it does not seem to be a possibility. It is only if you run a small business without in house permanent I T staff that you would appreciate the problems that would be faced by the situation of the main server pc failing. While he would certainly be able to unplug the pc and connect a spare then run the restore prog I would not expect him to open the pc case remove the hard drive and install a new one. All this while answering the phone and running his business.

  canarieslover 12:02 21 Jul 2009

This scenario actually happens in bigger companies, but of course they buy multiples of the same PC from the major suppliers such as Dell. With a site licence and cloning, any PC can be replaced very quickly. Note that I mention a site licence as that may be another stumbling block with trying to copy OS and programs to another computer.

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