allanon 12:51 28 May 2006

I have a EP8K7A+ EPOXmobo, a 1.8 chip,2 x20hard drives on a raid 0,and 512RAM, and a Radeon 9600 Pro. Before consignng it to attic, I was thinking of urgrading it,if it is worthwhile. I understand that the AGP interface is only x4 and not x8, and I don't know whether the AGP will hinder any more powerful cards, in that in maybe a bottleneck to the card, and thus not worth upgrading the graphics card. Any ideas?.I was looking at either a 6600GT or similar. I realise that this has now been superceded but it is keenly priced, and the system is only for the kids. In addition would another 512RAM have a noticeable improvement?
Any help gratefully received


  Cybermaxx 13:11 28 May 2006

Definitely worth upgrading, imo. "1.8 chip", though? Which CPU is that, exactly?

I have a P4 2.66 CPU, and I've recently upgraded from a 9600XT to a 6800GT. A massive improvement in frame rates. A 6600GT would be less of a leap, but maybe still worthwhile. Increasing your RAM to 1GB is a good idea. Loads of recent games will take advantage of it.

  jack 14:41 28 May 2006

Trouble is Stuff keeps moving on and 'upgrading can sometimes lead to an expensive chase.
Take AGP- this is definitely old hat now and is being supplanted with PCI express - so AGP cards will fade away.
So you may wish to keep your drives etc and go for a MoBo bundle and work up from there, though this will mean a reformat, or pass it on down through the family and get a new rig altogether.
What ever 'upgrade route you take it will be more Plug and Pray than Plug and play

  allanon 15:56 28 May 2006

The chip is a Athlon 2200+ which I understandis clocked at1800MHZ. The problem is the mobo has the highest rated CPU it can take- I would have to replace the mobo, then as jack says it becomes more expensive and more hassle. I just wanted to know whether the current machine has reached the end of it's useful life. I recognise that anoother 512MB would probably help. It's just that I don't know whether a newer graphics card would have any effect on a AGPx4 interface rather than the x8.

  spuds 16:36 28 May 2006

Having upgraded three 'older' computers, I have now decided that it just not worth it. Trying to replace certain parts that are compatible with existing parts that you want to keep, then finding weakness's in the system, just makes the whole exercise uneconomical.

If you have access to various pre-used parts, and you want to experiment at virtually no cost, then go for it.

  keef66 13:08 07 Jun 2006

I just upgraded our 4 yr old Athlon XP 2100+ pc by increasing the ram from 512 to 1024 mb and installing a plain vanilla 6600 AGP graphics card in place of the mx440. (AGP 8x card in a 4x slot) Nothing else is really cost-effective or practical.

The next upgrade will be a new pc

  Totally-braindead 21:14 07 Jun 2006

Would have to agree with keef66. The processor you have is not finished yet you could easily use it for some time to come. More memory is an easy upgrade as is a new graphics card providing you power supply will handle it. I mention the power supply as newer more powerful cards take power from a power connector as well as what they can get from the AGP port. Its something you have to consider before purchasing.
The ratings on your AGP slot being a 4x I wouldn't worry about, it will of course make some difference but its not half the speed of an 8x slot or anything like that. If the computer does all you ask of it and you're generally happy with it then add memory and a new graphics card.

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