Upgrading old eMachine

  timbo9999 14:52 01 Dec 2005

celleron / small disk drive / win98

I have a relatively old eMachine. I have 4 kids in the house and the better family PC is sometimes the source of arguments.

I will spend about $75 to replace the burned-out power source, another $35 for a wireless adapter. Also thinking about adding another hard drive and installing a CD burner (maybe another $100). I assume this will be cheaper than a new PC and the intended use of this PC will not require computing hourse-power.


1. I've installed hard drives and dvd-burner on an XT machine which was a piece of cake. Should I expect difficulty adding components to this old win98 machine?

2. Also, this will be the second replacement power source (it's a smaller box than standard PCs and the power unit is smaller to fit inside). Is it a bad idea to consider buying a standard size higher watt power source and jury-rig it somehow?

  Skyver 15:07 01 Dec 2005

1. No, should be straightforward.
2. You need to make sure it can get enough air, if your case is MicroATX (about 35cm high/deep) and the old PSU is a 130-150w job that extends about 150mm into the case, installing a bigger ATX version will restrict the airflow round the case and into the PSU.
Any PSU you install will fail sooner if it's airflow is restricted, but the smaller MicroATX units can't provide enough wattage unless you hunt (and pay over the odds) for a high capacity one. I had a similar situation, if you really need a `full size` PSU, find the shortest DVD drive you can, and fit an extra case fan to draw air from the back of the machine.

  phil46 15:15 01 Dec 2005

Fitting a new CPU that is none standard for the older computer is not a wise thing todo,W98 doesn't support USB2 it will only run at USB1 speed.
Look in ebay for older power units.
Your quoting prices in Dollars are you in the UK??

  Batch 16:18 01 Dec 2005

For little more than you are looking to spend, you can buy a new system unit (with CD burner, much bigger hard drive etc.) and keep your existing monitor etc.

This will give you much better performance (and WinXP as well) and probably a warranty too.

Try looking at click here for example

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