Two versions of Windows XP on same machine!

  San Alwigi 07:30 24 Oct 2005

I installed a new DVD writer drive and my PC went bonkers, telling me that it couldn't find the system 32 file. So I had to re-install windows into a new location so as not to overwrite my previous data. I now have two versions of Windows on the PC that I have to choose from at start up. I have managed to get my old Windows data and accounts working, and I would like to remove the new version of Windows I put on. Two questions - how do I do this and will it mean that the PC will once again be without that system 32 file it needed to start properly last time? I have since removed the new drive and reinstalled the old one.

  San Alwigi 07:32 24 Oct 2005

Running Windows XP Professional on a 1.4 processor machine.

  billyliv 10:13 24 Oct 2005

Hi, I would think it is possible in 'Disk Management' in 'administrative Tools' in 'Performance and Maintenance' in 'Control Panel'. Cheers, Bill

  alan227 13:08 24 Oct 2005

You can get rid of the second XP install by editing the boot INI file, but if you edit the wrong one it could become unbootable, so if this is only a minor inconvienance leave it as it is.
If you want to have a go at editing the INI file follow the intructions from this link.

click here;en-us;289022

  alan227 13:12 24 Oct 2005

With the link provided copy and paste en-us;289022 into the link provided when the Microsoft page comes up then scroll down to the bottom of the page and the link you want is there.

  San Alwigi 10:13 29 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response but your click here link goes to a Page Cannot Be Displayed page. Or have I misunderstood your instructions?
And BillyLiv - not sure where I access "disk management". Sorry to sound so thick!

Any other help from anyone would be gratefully received.

San Alwigi

  Splork 10:20 29 Oct 2005

What alan227 said is true, in that incorrectly editing your boot.ini can make Windows unbootable.
This is the link again click here - Microsoft knowledgebase links don't work directly from here - that's the same link, so credit goes to alan227
The least risky way is just to set the boot delay to 3 - you get a chance to select if something goes wrong, but hardly notice it otherwise - as long as an old/new unused WIndows installation isn't taking up loads of space then forget it. Quickly check how much space folders are using click here

  San Alwigi 10:25 29 Oct 2005

Just re-read your instructions and followed your path backwards (my brain obviously works in a different direction to yours - sorry!) and found the Administrative Tools folder in that locaction. But there is no Disk Management folder or file in there. Any further suggestions?


  San Alwigi 10:32 29 Oct 2005

Thanks for the speedy response and the link. When you say "set the boot delay to 3" - is this something you can do when you edit the ini file - or are you refering to something else?

What happens at present is at startup I need to select the second of the two installations, and if I don't, the PC defaults to the one I don't want.
So I have to stand by the computer and wait for this instruction to come up every time I turn it on. I know it's not the end of the world, but it's annoying,

  Splork 10:38 29 Oct 2005

Oh I getcha. Wait for the PC to boot, on the desktop right click My Computer, select Properties, then the Advanced tab of the window that appears, finally click Settings under `Startup & Recovery`.
Select the other OS from the drop down menu, and set the bootdelay to your preference. Click OK, reboot, it should work properly.

  San Alwigi 11:03 29 Oct 2005

Thanks Splork - made my weekend. All sorted.

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