Trying to design to build a new machine problem

  Audio~~Chip 16:08 18 Aug 2009

Re my older now closed post due to family issues I can now pick up and carry on this dilema.

Problem. I want to build a new machine with Vista using a Intel CPU & 4 GB memory.

My problem is finding a Motherboard which will work with 4GB Memory on Vista.

The Machine is mainly used for Daughter to Play the SIMMS 2 & 3 on, Itunes for Ipod, Some Pictures, Broadband, bit of Office 07.

I have spent months looking for a combination. I know some cost will be their for this build. Its mainly the motherboard, CPU & Memory and NO Overclocking using Vista Premium 32bit or 64bit if needed.

  Clary31 16:17 18 Aug 2009

How about this?
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR

  hssutton 16:31 18 Aug 2009

Am I missing something here, don't just about all motherboards accept at least 4 gb ram?. Vista 64 would be required.

  Audio~~Chip 17:22 18 Aug 2009

even though Vista can take 4GB it can only use 3GB. If I am wrong please tell me

Will look at that Gigabyte M/b Thanks Clary31

  citadel 17:54 18 Aug 2009

you need vista 64 bit version and it will use as much as you can install.

  Audio~~Chip 20:21 18 Aug 2009

I was also looking for Crucial DDR800MHz or possibly the next step up memory but could not find any in 4GB Kits, that is 2 DIMMS x 2GB = 4GB's

Is this a Crucial restriction on there memory as I thought they were good a lot of people seem to go Corsair route.

  citadel 20:48 18 Aug 2009

there are many places you can get 2g x 2g kits. as long as its a major brand retail boxed kit it will be ok. I used corsair twinx xms2 800 on my pc.

  Audio~~Chip 21:52 18 Aug 2009

Am looking at Corsair, have you got any recomendations on motherboards and quiet PSU's, Core 2 Duo or Quad core.


  Audio~~Chip 22:36 18 Aug 2009

Gigabyte or Asus brand. Prefer it with Intel Chipset and not nVidia. Don't need Raid, just for 1 single HDD, no Firewire. pleanty of usb's but most have that.

  citadel 23:13 18 Aug 2009

asus p45 boards, many to choose from, user friendly, e7500 cpu would do the tasks you mention easily.

  Audio~~Chip 23:49 18 Aug 2009

Thanks citadel, Hopefully my local place or MicroDirect in Manchester have something for me.

Will post back when I choose one, will be tomorrow now.

Cheers and Thank U!

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