Transferring Files From PC To Macbook

  hubie22 11:34 20 Apr 2009

Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of things...

Firstly... I have recently purchased a Macbook (yes I know this is a PC forum, but please bear with me!), and I need to transfer a bunch of files from my PC to my Macbook. I have just purchased a Western Digital My Book External HDD(1TB) and was hoping to use that to tansfer everything (ie. copy/paste everything from PC onto the My Book, then copy/paste everything from My Book to the Macbook).

1). Is there anything I need to do with the My Book prior to copying everything over? Do I need to format it first?

2). Will my Macbook be able to read the files on it, even though they've been copied from a PC?

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!

My second query is...

Once i've copied everything over to my Macbook, I am hoping to use the My Book HDD as a back-up disk. Will I need to reformat it in order to use it as a back-up disk with my Macbook (ie. using Time Machine)? My apologies if this isn't appropriate for this site - I appreciate that Mac users may well be shot on site on some PC forums!

Anyway, if anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. If not, I'll go and find a Mac forum to seek advice on this.

Cheers everyone :)

  howard64 11:40 20 Apr 2009

the simple bit is that if you have the same progs running on both machines then you should be able to copy and paste as you describe. You will only find out by trying it. If the progs cannot open your files you may well find a prog for the mac that can read your files and rewrite them for the mac. You may also find on your pc that you have an option to 'save as' the mac version. You should not need to reformat the external drive but simply file under mac for the mac and file under pc for the pc. Make 2 folders on the drive.

  hubie22 11:50 20 Apr 2009

Thanks for your reply Howard :)

I should provide a little background info... I had been using a Seagate External HDD to back up my files from my PC for the last couple of years. I purchased this Macbook a cpl of months ago and decided to transfer the backed up files from the Seagate to my Macbook. However, I ran into troubles when I absent-mindedly forgot to eject the drive properly. This seemed to corrupt the Seagate and as a result both computers didn't recognise it. So with a little help from a friend and some data recovery software I've managed to access the files on the seagate once again, but as you can imagine I'm a little anxious about this happening again!

I'm not entirely sure the problem was actually caused by not ejecting the drive properly, but it seemed like too much of a co-incidence at the time.

Anyway since that encounter, I'm a little cautious about using an external drive with both machines. I've also heard that macs perfer one type of formatting (FAT32) whereas PCs prefer NTFS, so I'm a little anxious that I might run into formatting problems as I copy stuff accross.

  howard64 19:27 20 Apr 2009

I have done the same as you with an external drive and was lucky enough to get it back. I use the ext drive for my main backups with acronis 11 but about every 3 months write my date to dvd. You should be able to find out which formatting your mac uses and if it is fat 32 then you can use that for xp as well. When ntfs first came out I stored all my data on a fat32 drive so that it was available for my old pcs as well as the new one with ntfs.

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