Tomb Raider Help please Windows XP Machine

  Demonikol 12:09 02 May 2003

my dad currently bought the original tomb raider game for pc and it wont run on his machine no matter what we try weve tried compatibility mode etc

so i was wondering if theres a patch that is needed to play the game under winXP

his machine is pentium 3 733mhz 512mb pc133 sdram
40gb 7200rpm hdd geforce 4 mx 440 graphics and hercules dvd surround card (ithink its a cmedia chipcmi97388 or summat)

oh yeah hes running it with service pack 1 on

any help would be appreciated

  Pilch.... 12:33 02 May 2003

Being the age of the game, i wouldnt think that it works on XP


Try this
click here

  Paranoid Android 12:53 02 May 2003

You need to get hold of a copy of Glidos click here and run the Voodoo version of the game (included on the game CD), this allows up to 1024X768 resolution and it looks FANTASTIC.

You also need VDM Sound click here to enable 16bit sound support.

These programs are designed to enable Tomb Raider support under Windows XP, but setup can be a bit fiddly. I got Tomb running smooth as silk at 1024 X 768 under Glidos but I couldn't get sound working at all, but apparently this fault is very unusual.

Visit the Vogons click here for more info, more download links and expert advice.

PS Also worth downloading Joy2Key keyboard emulator for your joystick, if you have one. Some of the links don't work so e-mail me if you want a copy.


  Demonikol 20:56 12 May 2003

thanx alot marvin do you have msn messenger??? if you do add me my adress is [email protected]

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