Tens Machine

  tonyq 11:39 03 Nov 2008

Hope some one may be able to help/advise me although it is not computer related.
Advise needed on "Tens Machine"for relieving back pain.
Do they help relieve the pain?.There seems to be a big difference in price from the cheapest to the dearest,is it worth spending a lot on one or are the cheaper ones o.k?

  Condom 13:08 03 Nov 2008

I use a tens machine purchased from Boots some time ago to help with my back problems. Basically it is a very simple piece of apparatus and a cheap model can be as good as the very expensive one. I think the basic difference is in the amount of automatic control.

You can of course use them to relieve pain in many other areas but you do need to be careful how you use them as they can really "make you jump" if you set them at too strong a level.

I'd try with a cheap good reliable brand name to begin with and see how it goes.

  The Brigadier 13:31 03 Nov 2008

I use one on my neck and it does do a great job.
Boots do their own brand which are good.

Do not use it on your chest as it can effect the beat of your heart!

  daveeb 13:34 03 Nov 2008

Lloyds pharmacy are doing an offer at the moment.
the cheapest of 3 machines on sale is £14-99.
I got the dual channel model for £19-99 and pleased with it so far. Mrs B hired one a few years ago from boots and that cost £30 for about a month..so they really have come down in price.

  tonyq 13:36 03 Nov 2008

The ones I have been looking at are at.
click here

  kidsis 16:20 03 Nov 2008

I've got the Boots one, and it does help my neck a bit but not as much as a course of physio! Unfortunately the only thing that works best for me is physio, but I can't afford this long term so the TENS machine is the only option I have. But the TENS is certainly worth trying if only for minimal relief.

  mikef. 18:16 03 Nov 2008

I've got a basic TENS machine and I find it really helps my chronic back problem if I use it as soon as the pain starts

  laurie53 20:01 03 Nov 2008

Some work well, some don't.

Some work on some people, some don't.

If you possibly can, get your local health centre to give you advice.

They actually loaned one to my wife for a week, but she bought her own after only two days it was that good.

On the other hand it took me two years to find a model and treatment pattern that worked.

  SB23 22:24 03 Nov 2008

I bought mine 17 years ago, after an injury to my wrist and after being treated with one that was on a trolley, (yes it was that big).

I was given advice on what to adjust on it, as you can change the frequency, and pulse rate on mine for more effective pain relief, and I still use it today. The damage to my wrist was permanent, so my tens machine is never very far away.
As for pain relief, I find that if I "zap" my wrist, it gives me a few days of not having to take painkillers, which to me is the whole idea, and surely better for me.
I know they have maybe changed since, but mine wasn't expensive, but it still does the job.


  DrATty 19:10 04 Nov 2008

I've used TENS machines for chronic abdominal pain for years. My experience has been better with the more highly specified machines, not necessarily the most expensive.
You need one that allows you to program the waveform of the output. Fixed output machines didn't help me. Two channels, auto power off and small size are also important.
The Lloyds machines look good on paper.
I bought my first 2 machines here click here. They are near my home so I went in for advice. I was also able to avoid paying VAT. I haven't been recently so can't comment on current service but the advice I was given has always been very good. Try an inexpensive machine and move up if it helps.

  PalaeoBill 23:13 04 Nov 2008

As laurie53 says, they work on some people but not others. My best friend swears by his (which is a Lloyds machine) but I have had no luck with them for my back pain (osteo-arthritis) and I have tried several different ones. If anything they antagonize my back.
I strongly suggest you try before buying.

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