Talk Talk and MAC code

  Cannuck 00:16 30 Oct 2006

I have been with Onetel, for phone and broadband for several years, with no problems. Till now that is.
In August I decided to try Talk Talk for the International Package, where I can call overseas and UK for a flat rate of about £10 per month plus the line rental. Where I live I can't get the free broadnband, but the charge will only be £10, compared to Onetel's £24.
Since both companies are now joined under CarPhone Warehouse, I thought the process would be simple. Onetel wrote me in August saying that they were sorry to see me go, and the phone line was switched over with no problems. They said the MAC code would be sent to me shortly.
Talk Talk said that the broadband would be available on Sept 6, and we all know that wasn't true.
I wonder if anyone else is having the problem I'm having now.
Onetel sent me the MAC code last Thursday, saying it was valid for 30 days, and coincidentally I got a pre-taped phone message from Talk Talk asking for the MAC code within 7 days, or my broadband switch over would be delayed for some time.
To cut a long story short, I sent the MAC to TT via a web page specifically for this. It rejected the MAC as invalid. I sent them an e-mail, showing them a copy of Onetel's e-mail. They sent back an e-mail saying Onetel has given me the wrong thing as it must start with certain letters (BB something) and they wont accept it.
Several e-mails have been sent by me to both TT and Onetel, sending copies of each others replies, and the bottom line is :- Onetel is adamant that they have given be a BT approved MAC, and TT is adamant that they have not, and both companies state that their answer is final.
Why can't the left hand of CarPhone get together (as I have suggested several times to them) with the right hand, as they answer their phones as "Onetel/Talk Talk"
So ladies and gents, where do I go from here?


  Cannuck 00:26 30 Oct 2006

I should have said the MAC code I got from Onetel started with the letters LZWS, which Talk Talk say should begin with BBDs or BBIP


  Stuartli 10:33 30 Oct 2006

TT's MAC section can be found at:

click here

BBDS is Datastream and BBIP is IPStream; I've not come across a LZWS MAC before (LLU?)

  spuds 11:47 30 Oct 2006

Perhaps a letter to Carphone Warehouse group chairman could resolve the problem?.

Failing that, you could contact Ofcom click here for further advice

  Cannuck 17:19 30 Oct 2006

Spoken to both Onetel and Talk Talk representatives and their stance is this :

Onetel :- The MAC code is correct, as due to the volume of people wanting to transfer, BT are now issuing MAC codes beginning with LZWS and SZWS.
Transferred me to Talk Talk and told me to insist that they accept the MAC

Talk Talk :- They only accept MAC codes beginning with BBDS and BBIP, and will not accept the LZWS MAC. Quit Onetel and then call us when the line is clear and we can then go ahead. Will take 3 or 4 weeks to install after you quit Onetel.

Got back to Onetel with this info, and they are going to take it to "someone higher up" and I have to call them back on Wednesday.

Would really love to tell Talk Talk where to go, but it is a difference of £14 a month for the same service.

We shall see what Wednesday brings, if no joy, will do as spuds suggests.

How could anyone survive without the internet for 3 or 4 weeks?


  Stuartli 19:30 30 Oct 2006

By the way, when I had a Tiscali BBDS MAC code, a TalkTalk representative informed me that TT only accepted BBIP MACs....:-)

Another case of stalling, just as with a friend who was supposed to have been provided by TT with broadband the other day, only to discover that TT claimed BT had cancelled the work at the last minute.

Pigs might fly too one day....:-)

  Cannuck 23:30 01 Nov 2006

No further ahead.

The "higher-up" in Onetel suggested I quit their broadband and go back to "pay as you go" dial-up till Talk Talk comes on line.

I notice that both Onetel and Talk Talk's names are not on the list of ISP providers who signed up to the "Code of Practice" according to Ofcom.

Think I will look around at other ISP's who are cheaper than Onetel, as the MAC code is already in my hands.

Guess you're right Stuartli, another stalling tactic by Talk talk. Whoops, there goes a squadron of pigs.


  Cannuck 00:13 02 Nov 2006

Just tried "Eclipse" with this MAC code, and their automated application won't accept it either.
Sent them an e-mail enquiry, will wait and see what their response is.


  Cannuck 01:22 03 Nov 2006

Cancelling Talk Talk and going to Eclipse with that same MAC code.


  spuds 11:27 03 Nov 2006

Cannuck-- Was there a reason given, as to why the MAC code was not excepted in the first instant by Eclipse!.

  terryf 11:32 03 Nov 2006

Try your local trading standards, they did good for me with a talktalk problem

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