Syncronise Outlook Express between 2 machines

  Gary 23:46 15 May 2004

I am going to buy a laptop which I will use to check my email when away from home. I use Outlook Express 6 as my mail client. I'm trying to find a simple (i.e. one step, quick) process that will allow me to syncronise sent and received messages and deleted items between my laptop and desktop when I return home.

Does anyone know how I can do this? I realise it'll need to be configured initially, but ideally I'd like a solution which is either completely automatic or only involves clicking a shortcut type button. All the programs I've found on the internet so far seem to require you to manually choose each source and target folder every time you want to syncronise.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help,


  wawadave 00:25 16 May 2004

maby in these links you might find something.
click here
click here

  mgmcc 11:47 16 May 2004

I'll tell you how I keep email "synchronised" between several PCs, but you might still find the method too onerous. Firstly, I use Eudora because it's nice and easy to find the Inbox and Outbox folders which are plain text files anyway.

I have a "host" PC with the main copy of my emails. I have dragged the In.mbx In.toc Out.mbx and Out.toc files to a Briefcase and then dragged the Briefcase in to the "client" PCs. This lets me "Sync" these files by updating the Briefcase. In the "client" PCs, I have a SendTo option in the right click menu to send a copy of the sync'd files directly into the Eudora folder where they overwrite the existing copies. They are now identical to the files in the "host" PC.

When I send a message from a "client" PC, I also send a copy to myself. A filter in the "host" PC transfers this incoming message from Inbox to Outbox. (The one 'problem' with this is that the sent message is then shown as 'sendable' rather than 'sent', although it isn't 'queued' to be sent again.)

Finally, the "host" PC deletes messages from the POP3 server, where the "clients" don't, thus allowing the message to be retrieved again from the server.

  ch0pper 12:00 16 May 2004

Try leaving the email on your pop3 mail server.

then you can d/load it to both machines.

of course, you'll have to sort out a day when you've got the same messages in both computers and delete the stuff that's sat on the server.

  Gary 12:03 16 May 2004

to both wawadave and mgmcc for your replies.

However, I was looking for a slightly less involved process if possible. I can't believe that there isn't a simply plugin making syncronisation between two networked PCs just a matter of clicking a button (or, better still, an automated task that happens when both PCs are on the network.

I'll continue to investigate this and try to find a simpler solution. In the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas please continue to post -- I don't mind paying for the solution if that's what it takes, I just want something nice and easy!

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