Is Superantispyware locking up my machine ?

  Furkin 09:06 09 Mar 2008

I was trying to help a friend to look into Antispyware etc.
I came across SUPERANTISPYWARE. Before I told him about it, I downloaded it myself to have a look at it.
I wish I hadn’t.
If I click on it, to either Open / Run / Update etc, it locks up the computer.
I have tried ctrl/alt/del, but get the message “this program can’t be closed down it is locked in by the system”
The whole machine is locked up & I have to switch it off at the power button.
I am assuming that this program is causing this,,, & my immediate plan was to just delete it,,,, but,,,, before I do, I was wondering if this is a known fault with the program,,,, or what else might cause the problem ?
I have never seen this message before.
Thanks folks

  skidzy 09:09 09 Mar 2008

Was it this program click here if so it is known to be a very reliable program as a rule.

My advice would be to uninstall it from add and remove programs while in safemode and reinstall.
If the problem persists,post back.

  ex-wirecutter 10:01 09 Mar 2008

I have not had any problems with this prog , in fact it found spies others had missed.

  mike40 10:03 09 Mar 2008

I have just had a similar problem after updating to the newer version. I then removed it from Ad Remove programs and about half way through the process I got a BSOD. I am now up and running again after all the usual checks. I think I will manage without it for the time being

  MeandHer 10:06 09 Mar 2008

Try what skidzy says.
This is one of the best free prog around.

I have been running the free edition of this program under XP Pro for several months without any problems.

  rdave13 10:10 09 Mar 2008

Before you try Skidzy's good advice go to all programs and highlight superantispyware and click on repair Superantispyware. Might have been a corrupted installation.

  Furkin 11:27 09 Mar 2008

thanks folks:
bit more of a prob,,,,,
every time I try to Delete this (from Add/Delete),,,, the computer switches its-self off,,,, & back on again,,,, still with the prog installed !?!?

Have just done a 'Repair' as per rdave13 (ta),,,, but have to leave the SCAN till later as I'm busy.

also: since this has been happening, I’m having a bit of a problem with IE loading ! I usually start it from the quickstart bar,,,, but it's a bit intermittent. It tends to be a bit better loading if I start it from the desk-top icon (which is the same as the Q.Start one).
If I am able to get on with something else, then eventually IE will load - coincidence or separate issue ?

  birdface 11:35 09 Mar 2008

Will a system restore to a date before you Installed it work. If not download Clean up from Microsoft or Windows.Run that and only delete here

  skidzy 13:35 09 Mar 2008

System restore as buteman says or follow my advice uninstalling from sfemode.

  sunny staines 16:41 09 Mar 2008

i have recommended SAS on loads of machines it did a first class, although i did know have someone who had a oldish dell and SAS locked up the pc and just would not run and had to be unstalled reason nk.

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