Strange noise coming from iMac

  roosterscriber 19:06 20 Mar 2004

I have noticed that my old iMac 266 with 160MB rm has been making a very strange noise sometimes when in sleep mode. I have never heard this noise before, either from my computer or frankly, anywhere else on the planet. It's kind of a whirring beeping noise if that helps. It's happened about 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks. I hope something really bad isn't about to happen to the computer. Any clues?

  Forum Editor 19:28 20 Mar 2004

the case fan about to fail, or a hard drive about to do the same thing.

Removing an iMac case fan isn't one of life's most enjoyable pastimes, and if the noise sounds as if it isn't going to go away I would advise taking the machine to a Mac repair shop.

  Forum Editor 19:31 20 Mar 2004

about the dangers of fiddling around inside an iMac. When you remove the casing - in itself an absolute nightmare job for the uninititated - there's a very real danger of touching the monitor's Cathode Ray tube. This is fraught with danger as the tube can hold enough of a static charge to kill you.

Don't take the risk, take the machine to a specialist repairer.

  roosterscriber 19:57 20 Mar 2004

Thanks for the cheery diagnosis about a possible fan or hard drive in its final death throes. Thanks for the cheery thoughts about fiddling with life threatening components. I think I will go lie down now with a glass of warm milk andtry to think pure thoughts.

Seriously, thanks for the input.

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