"Smacking & Hitting" @ School!!

  charmingman 09:09 23 Apr 2008

Morning all, a few months ago my son who's 5 yrs old greeted me with a small "Black Eye" & a teacher explaining what had happened, The teacher told me in front of my son that a boy who's a know trouble maker in his class "HIT" as the teacher explained my son in the face & she stated the other boy's parent/s would be informed, THEN a few days ago we also found out another boy had bitten my son on the arm leaving deep marks/indentations so yesterday morning i told my son to "HIT" anyone that tries to hurt him & he understood what i meant, then last night my wife came home from school angry she informed me that the "Head" Teacher" had informed my wife that "We DONT use the words HIT & SMACK" in school" which left me with a taste of "Double Standards" in my mouth, in my son's defence he's probably one of the most liked boys there he's had so many comments from other boy's & parents/teachers, So i was wondering what words do we use to discipline our children with & how do we teach them from getting bullied @ school, i can remember the "CANE" & the wrath of my school master Whoooah did we "Shape Up" but now we seem to use feathered words like "tap" has it all gone wrong? & is this part of the reason school kids "Run Riot" like some of them do "now-a-days"?

I personaly belive they need disciplining @ a young age then it reflect's in latter life...

Whats your views???

  belfman 09:14 23 Apr 2008

What's my views?

Well my children are not allowed to start fights but they've been told that if someone hits them (which occurred frequently at the start of term in September with the oldest) they've to punch them on the nose!

  Quickbeam 09:18 23 Apr 2008

didn't do me any harm, I'm not bitter and twisted... Am I?

It's a boys rite of passage to be thrashed by all and sundry up to leaving school. Boys don't understand normal reasoning...

  johndrew 09:25 23 Apr 2008

Have you ever watched animals in the wild with their young? When one, or more, of the young are out of order they get a sharp reminder to behave.

We are still animals - although we consider ourselves superior - and many of the behaviour patterns demonstrated by us and our young are common to other mammals. Perhaps those who don`t believe that punishment should be used as a last resort to control behaviour need to consider this fact. The words `hit, smack and cane` all exist in our language and provided the punishment for bad behaviour is complimented by praise for good behaviour need to be used physically both at home and school.

The bleeding hearts will not agree with me on this view I`m certain. But it did our generation no harm; we certainly had respect for our elders and behaved at home and in public places - well, most of the time. Many children and young adults fail to act reasonably most of the time these days which is why there needs to be a move by politicians to `take back control of our streets`.

  Belatucadrus 09:56 23 Apr 2008

The stupid thing is that it's only the teachers that seem to be suffering this sappy view of children as poor wee mites that will disintegrate if anybody so much as suggests discipline. As you've already pointed out, the kids not only say "Hit" they do it.
I'm another one of sufficient vintage to have experienced corporal punishment, fortunately the cane had gone but Wilf could swing that slipper with sufficient vigour to really focus the mind. While I didn't like it at the time, there was definitely a very clear cut awareness of the boundaries and the consequences of crossing them. Something that appears lacking today.

  Quickbeam 10:06 23 Apr 2008


  Bingalau 10:12 23 Apr 2008

Don't blame the teachers it's not their fault.

  Picklefactory 11:09 23 Apr 2008

Hear Hear!!!
I think one of the cardinal faults of the human race, is our general arrogance in believing we are so intelligent, as to have gained control over our own animal nature. The 'bleeding hearts', as you term them, would I'm sure, have a wonderful set of excuses as to why we have so many feral individuals on the loose.
Unfortunatley, I can't see it changing for the better in the near, or even distant future.

  donki 13:29 23 Apr 2008

The government took the power away from parents some time ago, I was given a "warm arse" on a few occasions with the use of a wooden spoon. Again I have a great deal of respect for my mother and also of anyone older than me.

If a parent now was seen to use a wooden spoon to discipline her child they would be up on charges of assult. Even when the courts are dealing with such troublesome children/youg adults they hand out paper legislation i.e. ASBO's and the such. What does this teach them? NOTHING!

  bobbybluenose 14:08 23 Apr 2008

the trouble is today the kids don't know there wrights and wrongs but they know there rights

  bobbybluenose 14:18 23 Apr 2008

i work at a college with some 1500 pupils age rage from 11 to 19 and believe me there is not that much bulling pupil to pupil theron the other hand plenty of abuse and vandalism that goes on and all we can do is exclude pupils i wish we had the right to discipline them it never did me any harm

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