Setting up a wireless network: iMac/PC/PC/Cable

  Charleu 14:20 21 Jun 2004


I have a question about setting up a wireless network, principally to share a Cable broadband connection.

In my house there is my Mum's iMac, my Laptop and there is soon to be my Dad's new laptop. Basically we all want to have access to the internet through the Broadband connection, and maybe file sharing but that's not essential.

We could either have a wired network or a wireless one, and given that both the PC Laptops are upstairs most of the time (but occasionally move about the house) a wireless one would be more flexible, and there wouldn't be any wires trailing perilously over the stairs!

NONE of the devices are currently wirelessly enabled

So how would I go about setting up the network?

My Laptop (a Toshiba 5200-902) has aerials built into the lid so I just need to fit a wireless mini PCI LAN card, and the new laptop can just be fitted with a PC-Card (we don't have enougth money to buy a centrino and an iBook isn't an option).

As the iMac already has direct access to the cable modem (which is installed next to the iMac) is it necessary for it to be wireless enabled? Can it connect by wire to a Wireless Router and then through that directly to the cable modem; whilst the two Latops connect wirelessly to the router and then to the cable modem? And will there be any compatibility issues between the iMac and the two laptops? And also is this possible to do in such a way as to allow all three devices to access the internet at the same time? (although this will slow done the connection)

I was thinking of this router: click here

or the Airtunes router, which is more expensive :-(

Basically i need some advice as to whether this is feasbile at a relatively low cost? and if anyone could suggest any alternatives that would be grately appreciated. Thanks

  scooby43 14:33 21 Jun 2004

hm the link is dead. As far as I know you can have up to 32 machines on one router could be wrong, I dont see why and imac and the other two laptops would be a problem as most routers support all devices. Obviously it would slow down your connection depending on how many computers you have, if you do get a router best I think to get one with a built in modem.

  Charleu 14:41 21 Jun 2004

thanks, is it possible to get wireless routers with built in cable modems? I've searched for one in the past but could never find one.

The link was supposed to lead to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router: click here
but I don't know if its Mac compatible, it suggests not as it requires Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP and doesn't mention Mac Os X at all

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