setting up current broadband on new machine

  bpzoom 21:42 24 Jan 2011

I am scrapping my old machine with XP and a new box is on order with Windows 7. I will load my BT Broadband on to the new machine. Which of the current BT broadband and mail details are held on my old machine and which are held on the BT site and automatically recognised on the new one ? In other words what will I have to recreate to get the broadband and the BT-yahoo mail services going again?

  johnnyrocker 21:59 24 Jan 2011

i think all you will need to do is load the broadband cd and create a new e mail bearing in mind W7 does not carry outlook express?


  bpzoom 22:37 24 Jan 2011

Sorry, what in practice does that mean, W7 does not carry Outlook Express? I use BT Yahoo mail with a email address. I have no idea how or if BT use Outlook Express for their mail system. Sorry I am confused here. Surely I keep my existing email address? What email program does W7 use? If it is Outlook then do I have to use that? I don't want to confuse this further, but I also use Google Chrome on my current machine.

  mooly 08:38 25 Jan 2011

BT Broadband and Yahoo is web based email so there is nothing to "carry over" to your new PC. Your emails are accessible from any PC anywhere. All you need is your password and login details.
Just google yahoo mail on the new PC and find your way to the login pages.

As to the BT Broadband CD to set it up. My advice is just to let W7 manage all the connections. The BT stuff is just another layer of potential problems and slowdowns and stuff they want to keep updating. It's not needed at all.

I use BT Broadband and email by the way.

  bpzoom 08:49 25 Jan 2011

Many thanks for that. It is a big relief!

  Graham. 09:56 25 Jan 2011

It doesn't have one.

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