Schumacher retires

  1minute 15:19 10 Sep 2006

So Michael Schumacher is going to retire, but is the best driver ever?

  1minute 15:20 10 Sep 2006

Correction: should read as follows;
So Michael Schumacher is going to retire, but is he the best driver ever?

  Curio 15:37 10 Sep 2006

Like Carlsberg - Probably!

  rdave13 15:49 10 Sep 2006

Think Schuey will be remembered as the best driver in F1 for many years to come.

  Forum Editor 16:05 10 Sep 2006

No, although he was extremely good.

There have been better drivers however.......

Fangio, and Ayrton Senna would certainly rate as the two best-ever in my book.

  cycoze 16:55 10 Sep 2006

I think Mark Blundell summed it up saying that Schumacher was perhaps not the Best Racing Driver ever but is the most Complete Racing Driver.

I would not like to say who the best ever was, in their times there have been some great drivers.

  wee eddie 17:01 10 Sep 2006

While road racing on one of the Mediterranean Islands. They did a lot of that then, a bit like the Isle of Man TT but, in cars over distances like 1000miles.

Coming up to a corner in a small town he suddenly slammed on the brakes and stopped.

His co-driver angrily said, in Italian, "What the **** did you do that for?"

He said "I have not the vaguest" or words to that effect. Anyway they drifted around the corner to find the road blocked by a monumental crash, which they would have piled into at about 90mph

Discussing it afterwards, his Co-driver said, "How did you know?"

Fangio said "I didn't but there were no white faces looking at us" Just that little thing warned him that they must have been looking at something else. It's obvious to us now, but then Motor Racing was a new untried sport

  bremner 17:10 10 Sep 2006

Trying to compare and judge sportsmen from differnet eras is one of those impossible questions.

Fangio and Senna have been mentioned what about Jim Clark?

I belive Murray Walker, who has seen them all, says that in his view Senna was the most natuarlly gifted of them all.

  1minute 17:12 10 Sep 2006

I think some of Schumachers tactics at times have shown him not to be perfect. But he got the chance to go to any team and he could have gone to williams but he went for the scarlet of the prancing horse instead.

  anskyber 17:16 10 Sep 2006

Yes I agree about Senna. A naturally gifted driver. Schumacher will be remembered for his world championships but also his unusual behaviour which coincidentally placed him in a better position than his fellow competitors. Er....sportsmanship??

Successful, yes. The best, no.

  anskyber 18:18 10 Sep 2006

Rather better put than I have done. click here

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