Scary MacBook Battery Fire!

  phoenix198 17:31 13 Mar 2007

Just in case anyone thought that it was only Dell, Toshiba or Fujitsu laptops with Sony batteries that caught fire, take a look at this MacTalk forum post click here describing a MacBook fire in Australia.


  spuds 19:03 13 Mar 2007

As you rightly say- Very scary.

This type of incidents seems to be on the increase, and fortunately any problem's have been caught in the nick of time before any real major lifetaking disaster as occurred.

  powerless 19:12 13 Mar 2007

Yet my MacBook is fine.

  phoenix198 19:16 13 Mar 2007

As is my MacBook Pro, so far .... ;-)

  Kate B 20:17 13 Mar 2007

Apple ran a battery replacement scheme ages ago. I got one for my iBook.

  spuds 22:24 13 Mar 2007

Kate B, I do not know if you read the story via the link, but the person involved stated that their battery model/type was not one of those that had been recalled.

So the battery mystery deepens, but fair dues to Apple, they soon came to the rescue in this instant.

  Kate B 00:30 14 Mar 2007

spuds, no, I'm sorry, I didn't read the link. Scary stuff!

  sean-278262 16:06 14 Mar 2007

It is an off occurrence that this keeps on happening around the world. However most of the stories appear to be happening in warmer climates. Maybe that is why there are so many incidents I don't know. It is worrying how these new lithium ion batteries like to go up in smoke more readily than older ones did. I suspect it is all due to minor faults in the charge system is over powering as in the video below.

click here
Lithium Ion batteries however don't like to be over powered.

click here
Lithium is quite a volatile metal in itself as this demonstrates.

click here
I find this demonstration of the dangers that can be posed by batteries a worth while watch.

Luckily the instances of this occurring are extremely rare. Only the proliferation of the internet has allowed even more exposure when these things do happen.

  phoenix198 08:20 05 May 2007

Nice links - very informative. Thank you!

  setecio 09:01 05 May 2007

Are laptops allowed on all flights ... it seems the batteries contain volatile materials that could be modified into a harmful device ?

  Forum Editor 09:07 05 May 2007

They're allowed on every flight I've ever been on. They're scanned before you go air-side at the airport.

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