Safari will not print and exits each time I try

  HondaMan 11:07 17 Apr 2017

Everytime I try to print from Safari the programme exits and I have to re-start. This seems to have happened only since the latest software update from Apple. Any ideas please?

  Forum Editor 11:24 17 Apr 2017

This kind of thing is very often related to browser plugins - have you installed any lately?

  HondaMan 18:50 17 Apr 2017

Nothing recently, but I'll have a check to make sure. Thanks

  HondaMan 19:05 17 Apr 2017

Just checked my extensions. Nothing new

  bremner 20:42 17 Apr 2017

Try deleting from your Library/Preferences folder. Then reboot.

  HondaMan 09:49 18 Apr 2017

Thanks, Bremner - didn't work, in fact, I do not have that entry at all!

  HondaMan 12:36 18 Apr 2017

It has to be a bug in MacOS Sierra as it also affects another computer, also updated, but NOT my wife's MacBook which is not updated to Sierra

  bremner 15:41 18 Apr 2017


You realise it is a hidden file

  HondaMan 13:03 19 Apr 2017

I have all files visible but still cannot locate this file

  bremner 15:53 19 Apr 2017

I have just checked my iMac and the file is present.

Just to be sure all your hidden files are visible hold down Alt and click Go and then Library then go Preferences and seek if you see the file

  HondaMan 18:28 19 Apr 2017

That was interesting. I now have showing 0 bytes and showing 0 bytes

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