right click on mac os x

  Lord Justice 20:10 29 Nov 2006

Hello all,

Well to cut a long story short, we now have a Mac in the house (ibook or something) as I had to use my computer, (with SUSE 10.1 linux, very good might I add, all sorts of powerful applications) anyway I do not wish to bore you so i took that and used it for work and my wife therefore wanted a new computer at home, and she went and bought a Macintosh for use at home.

Personally I do not like OS X that much, I find it slow to start off applications and most importantly for me, I do not like the fact that you cannot right click, I know sounds daft but believe me I find it so much more time consuming, well I dont think you can.

That is why I have posted here today, as I would like to be able to right click! I find the control+click very annoying.

I have tried searching Google, but to no avail.

Could anyone please help me with this or am I fighting a loosing battle?

Kind Regards


  Kate B 20:16 29 Nov 2006

You can right-click: you need to enable under Mouse and Keyboard in system preferences, and of course you need a mouse that has a right-click. The Mighty Mouse that comes with a Mac these days has a right-click function.

  powerless 20:25 29 Nov 2006

Or hold down the Ctrl key and left click the mouse for a right click content menu.

p.s iBooks use old IBM PowerPC chips, go to an Apple Store and take a look at the Intel Macs for speed.

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