Repaired machine shows 2 hard drives in POST

  SparkyJack 09:28 15 Mar 2011

But Windows install disk cannot find them.
This machine has 2 SCSI Hard drives and optical drive installed as master on the IDE channel.
It blew the power supply and so a new one replaced it.
Initially it fired up to Windows then collapsed.
Inserting Windows disk loaded files- then could not find the Hard drives.
To prove the machine functions I set a spare IDE hard drive to master- optical to slave- and it all installed as normal -so the machine[mother board ] is deemed OK.
Reset to Optical IDE master- took power off the IDE hard drive
Machine boots - ID's presence of both SCSI drives in POST.
Windows begins to load files
Then says- 'No hard drives'
So the question is
If drives are detected in Post, If SCSI adapter is found[It is a SCSI/IDE board] not a SCSI adaptor card
Why cannot Windows find them?
No SCSI settings were initially interfered with in the BIOS set up or the ADAPTEC panel] though I have ultimately tried various things to no affect- so now it is at 'Factory default'
The SCSI hard drives have/had XP Pro and of course loads of files of value.
Could the Power Supply blowout 'killed' the drives?
Any suggestions please

  Strawballs 09:46 15 Mar 2011

I don't know to much about scsi but is it like when sata first came out you had to load sata drivers during install proccess.

  SparkyJack 11:24 15 Mar 2011

Its a thought but logically where would the drivers go?
Only to the Folder in Windows on the hard drive I guess.
And as the POST says Disks are there.......
There is in the Windows load process an option to load extra drivers from a floppy, but which drivers for which version of Adaptec
HMMM. As the guy in the insurance ad says.

  Ashrich 11:25 15 Mar 2011

As Strawballs said , you need to load the ScsI drivers before Windows can see the drives as the driver isn't built in to the OS .

Go to the motherboard makers website and download them , put them on a floppy disk and insert it when requested by the Windows setup , and press f6 then follow the instructions .


  SparkyJack 15:44 15 Mar 2011

Ain't it painful- list of driver detective and other c**p software, every thing exept a simple driver download site
The drives are Seagate Cheetah Ultra 320 and on one advice site one response was....

'What you have described is a scsi hard drive. It does not require any drivers. Support for a scsi hard drive is provided by the scsi controller bios. A SCSI HD only requires proper connection to a working/compatible scsi controller.

If you're looking for a driver for the scsi controller, please post the brand and model.

click here
Reply With Quote.....'

Well when I load the machine does show a SCSI controller installed and I have messed with the setting and restore the same all to no avail
but the search continues.

  woodchip 15:56 15 Mar 2011

scsi drives windows should load these they are the same drive as a IDE only differences is the controller card on the drive suggest you first try with main Drive on end connector on ribbon cable leave other drives disconnected set drive to master and see if it boots with it

  SparkyJack 16:53 15 Mar 2011

As there are two drives perchance they are the wrong way round - it is only a chance because of the way the cables are together and the way the terminators is plugged in.

Meanwhile I have found a software on the Adaptec sitethat is sopposed to be backward compatible
which is in its elf a new problem- On install Windoze says - 'If a SCSI driver is required insert floppy now'

trouble is the software comes in a 16 mb- some floppy.! So now I'll have to find a pile of floppies.

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