Receiving faxes on fax machine sent from a PC

  compumac 19:14 02 Sep 2006

A friend has just obtained a Sharp UX-P410 fax machine and asked me to send him a fax from my PC to see if his fax works. His fax rings twice and then Zilch. I have sent faxes from my PC to other fax machines without a problem, but seem to recollect a comment quite some time ago that not all fax machines will receive sent from a PC.
Anyone throw any light on this?

  Jackcoms 19:16 02 Sep 2006

"His fax rings twice and then Zilch"

But does the fax to your friend actually 'leave' your PC?

  compumac 19:27 02 Sep 2006

No. The message is that "the line is busy" even after several attempts.

  Jackcoms 19:34 02 Sep 2006

Can he send to you?

Is the fax a 'dud' second hand machine or new?

  compumac 19:47 02 Sep 2006

Whereas it is not new it is one used by his company only last week and was given to him to use in his work. In fact he received a fax from them yesterday but needed a new print ribbon for it and that was fitted today. Initially I thought that the ribbon might not have been fitted properly and might be the cause, but he has been able to print a help sheet using it so I do not think it could be that.

  Jackcoms 19:55 02 Sep 2006

Starting to run out of ideas now, but:

"seem to recollect a comment quite some time ago that not all fax machines will receive sent from a PC"

Can your friend send from his PC to his fax?

  compumac 19:58 02 Sep 2006

Unfortunately he does not have a PC.

  Jackcoms 20:01 02 Sep 2006

OK, last suggestion, I'm afraid:

Can someone at his office fax from their PC to has fax machine?

  compumac 20:04 02 Sep 2006

We will have to do that, but cannot do it until Monday. Thanks for your input anyway

  Jackcoms 20:06 02 Sep 2006

One last comment.

Have a look again at the spelling of my Forum name! ;-))

  compumac 20:39 02 Sep 2006

Sorry Jackcoms

I have contacted a friend who has a dedicated fax machine who was able to forward a fax without problem. Perhaps my memory was correct in that some fax machines will not accept faxes from PC's. I have no idea why this should be, but tonights attempts would seem to endorse that in the absence of any other explanation.

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