Re installing XP on Dell machine

  orangewhiteblue 21:05 20 Nov 2008


I have a Dell PC but don't have the original XP system disks which came with the machine.

However I do have an original copy of XP Home but this has been registered.

On top of the Dell PC is the original Dell / Windows XP serial number.

Can I use the already registered XP Home with my Dell XP serial number?



  MsTechie 21:09 20 Nov 2008

As long as it is the same version you shouldn't have any problems reinstalling using your disc, it is the serial key that has been registered previously not the software on the disc.

  ventanas 21:40 20 Nov 2008

But - you will need the other disc that came with your machine, the one that contains the drivers - video, chipset, sound and network. Without this I wouldn't bother.
Unless you know exactly what they are, if so you can probably get them from the Dell website.
But much easier to find the missing discs.

  MsTechie 21:53 20 Nov 2008

It is simple process of clicking on the support page
click here
and choosing the drivers you need for your chosen machine.

  orangewhiteblue 21:58 20 Nov 2008

I do have the drivers disk...

..but the XP Home appears to be an older version than the one installed on the Dell machine.

From what Ms Techie says it sounds like a no, no... do yo agree?

  lotvic 22:07 20 Nov 2008

You will prob find that the Windows key on the Sticker is not the same key that has been used in the pre-activated factory install.
SIW (system information for Windows) or Magical Jellybean keyfinder will show you what key has been used.

That doesn't stop you using the key off the case to install from CD of course :)

What model Dell is it? There is usually a Restore (to factory fresh) partition. If you hold down Ctrl and press F11 at the Dell logo when the computer first starts up you will get a menu to choose Restore from if it's there.

  lotvic 22:10 20 Nov 2008

forgot to say. You need an ordinary unbranded OEM XP cd.

  setecio 22:26 20 Nov 2008

Yea, I thought you would need an OEM CD with the correct version (Home or Pro, SP1 or SP2) ?

How old is the computer, anything in the last 5 year will have a restore partition accessed by a certain key press during the Bios boot screen (F10 or F12 or ctrl + F10 or F12 etc.)

  orangewhiteblue 08:13 21 Nov 2008


Thanks for the info.. it is all reset!



  lotvic 19:36 21 Nov 2008

magic :))

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