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  lecram 20:52 03 Jul 2008

I am interested in purchasing my first apple laptop. I understand that the os of apple computers are different from that of windows based pc's and laptops.

Would I still need to have antivirus and antispyware on an apple laptop just as one would with a windows laptop? (If so which one is widely used?)

How easy is it to run windows based programs on apple computers? (How compatible are the two os?)

What are your general impressions of apple computers as opposed to windows pc's?

Which apple laptops are considered the best at the moment?

Any advice will be appreciated.

  bremner 22:03 03 Jul 2008

I converted to Macs two years + ago and have never regretted it. I have an iMac and MacBook

Mac OS X - current version is Leopard, is a joy to use. You currently do not need AV or Anti Spyware.

It will take you a while to get used to the differences but persist and you will not regret your decision.

If still you want to run Windows, (mainly if you play games) on the Mac you can. Either as a second bootable partition through an Apple system called Bootcamp. Or, as I do, by using Parallels or Fusion Virtual environments.

Which Mac Laptop.?

The choice really comes down to how much you have to spend. I have a MacBook (13" screen) which I really enjoy, however the MacBook Pro comes as 15" and 17" but of course costs quite a bit more. The MacBook Air whilst being a joy to look at is pretty under speced and expensive.

It is strongly rumoured that the MacBook will be updated in the 3rd quarter and will have an aluminium case like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. You may want to wait a couple of months if the MacBook is your preferred choice.

  Forum Editor 22:57 03 Jul 2008

about Apple Macs is that they are more expensive, both to buy and to upgrade, than Windows machines. Other than that, your choice of software won't be as wide and varied, although that isn't usually a problem unless you use specialised applications.

I use both Macs and Windows machines in the course of my work, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't choose one rather than the other - both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. One of Apple's strengths is undoubtedly the way their machines look - you would have to be devoid of all taste if you didn't find a 17" Macbook Pro an almost irresistible object of desire.

  interzone55 11:37 04 Jul 2008

I don't use Macs, mainly because I just can't use Mac OS - after 15 years using various flavours of Windows I can't adjust to the differences. Other people, my father-in-law included, love the OS and can't adjust to Windows. Just use whichever system you prefer.

As bremmer pointed out, you can run Windows on a Mac, should you need to run Windows only applications, but to my mind you are then just paying over the odds for a basic, but attractive, machine, and paying for two operating systems.

Don't overlook the Anti-Virus issue, Apple Mac's are not immune to viruses, despite what others will say. As the OS becomes more popular more hackers are targeting it, and the OS isn't as bomb-proof as Apple claim. They're not quick at issuing security fixes either, they seem to think it tarnishes their reputation to even consider there are problems with their software...

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