Pro's Con's Mac Vs PC

  Solva 17:11 08 Mar 2007

Hi Gents this isnt so much a problem more like a search for knowledge!

What are the pro's and Cons of a Mac & PC.

I have done some research learning about the history of it all, Like the how they used different code and processors etc. But dont Mac's now come with Intel Chips, so I dont really get why one is better than the other or even, what one can do better than the other.

Anyone mind filling in a Mac Oblivious observer?


  recap 18:04 08 Mar 2007

click here it may help?

  Kate B 18:23 08 Mar 2007

Macs are great if you don't want to mess about looking after and nurturing a Windows installation: very little patching, no nastyware, no need for AV software. They come with a lot of useful software installed and they're a joy to network - they just work.

Downsides are they're rubbish for games; you can't tweak the interface much, you certainly can't skin it and you're stuck with Apple's choice of hardware. And they're a bit pricey for the specs.

I have both a Windows gaming beast and an elderly iBook and I love them both for different reasons.

  Forum Editor 18:43 08 Mar 2007

mainly because a specific client company has an entire network of 400 Macs, and I need to work with Mac files. There's something about working with Apple machines that is indescribable - it gets in your blood, and I wouldn't want to give mine up. They used to be the machine of choice in the print and publishing industry, and I still run Quark Xpress on mine - just for the pleasure of working with the best DTP program ever produced.

Cost is the big deterrent as far as prospective Mac owners is concerned - they're far from cheap, and new hardware is hugely expensive by PC standards. If it wasn't for that, Macs would present a serious challenge to PCs in the consumer market - Macs just look so good, apart from anything else.

  Kate B 19:06 08 Mar 2007

I use InCopy and InDesign (infinitely better than Quark in my humble) on both a PC and a Mac in various offices I work in, and both are a million times more of a delight to use on a Mac.

  Kate B 19:07 08 Mar 2007

oh, incidentally, I'm not a "gent" ;-)

  rawprawn 19:15 08 Mar 2007

I would never have guessed from your name :-) I too am going to buy a new computer, and I am very attracted to a Mac but I feel at home with a PC. Very difficult decision, unfortunately you can't get a Mac to dual boot with Vista.

  Solva 11:49 09 Mar 2007

Thanks Guys and Kate B! Really good posts also the one linking back to an old thread.

Thanks Again. Like I said It was just really for my knowledge. I was looking into getting a laptop but I didnt think I would seriously get a MAC.

Thanks again guys!

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