Program needed for XP machine to see how much memory each software programme uses on XP desktop!!!

  julius44 07:18 28 May 2011

Hello and good morning....I have an old Windows Desktop machine that i'm about to sell to a family friend, i've restored the pc to factory seetings and ive re-installed just some basic software, updates etc, and the desktop has 2GB of RAM. I have a windows 7 desktop and under under control in programs u can see how much memory that EACH of the programmes uses, and I think that this is very good, in windows XP there does NOT seem to be this feature in the add/remove is there any software that I can install that will tell me how much memory each programme uses and how much in total is left, for instance on my new windows 7 desktop pc...which has 8GB RAM, it tells me that ive used only 1.29GB, hence I know how much I have left, many thanks

  Taff™ 08:42 28 May 2011

A machine running XP with 2Gb RAM will probably not be stretched since that is at least 4 times the recommended basic amount of RAM. If you open task manager and go to the Processes tab you can see which processes are using CPU. From the view menu choose select columns and add any memory columns you want to see the information.

Obviously, looking at the performance tab gives you a summary of how much RAM and page file usage. Not a great user interface but it`s all there!

  Terry Brown 09:06 28 May 2011

Cou;d this be what you want ?

link text

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