Problems to solve on a sick machine

  jack 11:32 12 Dec 2008

I have been asked to take a look at and ailing machine.
So I have arranged to visit the patient on Monday
There are many thing wrong it seems- most of which are familiar territory.
However there are two that I will wind up pondering over.
The XP constant reboot after shut down- is the first
This topic has been covered to often here but our
Search forum- did not come up with anything - perhaps I am asking the wrong question.

Second, the LCD monitor is reported to displaying vertical columns full of dashes[That is how it was described to me over the phone]
My thoughts are - loose plugs[either end] or a dying graphics card- or dying display.
The machine is an Evesham about 5 years old.
Any thoughts please?

  rdave13 11:51 12 Dec 2008

Possible graphics card driver corruption, something simmilar to this; click here;en-us;318023&

or another constant reboot fault; click here;en-us;310396&

  sunnystaines 11:51 12 Dec 2008

i posted recently about occasional restart after shutdown. never got an answer to solve it, but a little later update the nvida graphics driver not had it since.

but if a pc if full of ailments a clean refomat might be better.

  rdave13 11:54 12 Dec 2008

Links again; click here
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 12 Dec 2008

reboot after shut down
check BIOS power settings and "wake" settings

LCD monitor
check for loose /damaged cables pins.
check monitor and cable on another machine if possible.

if same in safe mode then graphics remove and refit card ensure fully in slot, reinstall / update drivers

  Eric10 12:18 12 Dec 2008

It could be an error that is happening during shutdown that is causing the reboot. If the PC is set to automatically restart on system failure then this can cause the problem. I would start by unticking the 'Automatically restart' checkbox and see if it will shutdown then.
You'll find the option by right-clicking My Computer, choose Properties, Advanced tab, Settings button in the 'Startup and Recovery' section.
Of course, the rebooting could be cured if you resolve all the other problems since it could be one of them that is causing a system error on shutdown.

  jack 14:01 12 Dec 2008

Will see what happens Monday.
Meanwhile will leave this open

  woodchip 23:50 12 Dec 2008

jack for graphics, see if it works okay in BIOS mode. if it does then VGA mode is working ok and it should show a picture in Safe Mode. Other problem I think you can stop it shutting down into reboot buy right click my computer and have a poke round in there. I think you can turn it off so that it will show a error screen instead of reboot. Also Try running a Disc Scan and fix errors, do a full scan

  jack 15:45 15 Dec 2008

Sorted the graphics/display problem.
I had never seen this before - the display showed everything normally but over a background of columns- similar to say the page of abroad sheet newspaper, with the 'text' being lines of !!!!!!! or what appeared to be exclamation marks.
The cable is an HDMI there for sturdy- but took it out both end and replaced it non the less and gave the graphics card a good rattling..
This card is in a Purple socket - what sort is that?

What ever it was- a rattle a dusting or a cable remove /replace- it's all OK now.
I tend to agree a reformat would seem to be a best option for the other failures- except that there is no separate operating system, and the so called 'Recovery' disk- is simply a driver utilities plus 'Tools' which turned out to be a short cut to System restore.
This was as built a RAID two drive machine but the 2nd drive seem dud and does not register as being present in boot up/BIOS.
The massage 'Drive parameters incorrect comes up but the BIOS entry is grey out so nothing will change there.

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