Problems with new machine.

  manutd23 21:12 30 Apr 2003

i recently bought a computor. and all i'VE HAD IS PROBLEMS. firstly i ordered a AMD ATHLON +2600 Pross, i want to know what ghz that should be. it says it is 1.25ghz but i think thats wrong? my printer + scanner does not work-in compatable,some games dont work. i had win 98se before and it was fine. i would like to know if i could get win 98se on to the computor? I NEED HELP??

  powerless 21:40 30 Apr 2003

The 2600 runs at 2133Mhz (2.133Ghz) this is with an FSB at 166Mhz.

What has happened is the BIOS setting for this FSB has been set incorectly.

It's a simple adjustment to make but as your machine is new i would contact where you brought your computer from and get them to sort out.

If you are using your old printer and scanner that you used with 98. Then what you need to do is seee if there is an XP driver. Simply go to the website of your printer and scanner and see if there is an XP driver. If there is not look for a Windows 2000 driver, this may work as well.

If there is no new driver then you need a new printer and scanner which will work with XP.

The gaming problem is the same as above. Go to the website and see if there is a PATCH for the game to be played on XP. If there not you can try "Compatibility Mode" this creates a 98 enviroment so this may allow you to play games on XP.

To get into Compatibilty Mode. Select the game icon and right click, now go to properies and choose the compatibilty mode tab at the tab. Now choose Windows 98 under "Run this program in compatibily mode for:"

If you have the Windows 98 Installation CD you can put 98 onto your computer, infact you can use both XP and 98 on the same computer. It's called Dual booting.

Any more info you want just post back.

  powerless 21:42 30 Apr 2003

The FSB is 133Mhz not 166.

  Happy1 21:52 30 Apr 2003

I assume you have changed to XP Os. AMD and Pentium speeds are measured a little differently. I believe AMD use a PR rating while Pentium use Ghz. Not sure how it works but someone on here will know. The 98 games software have you tried using compatibility Mode to install them.Did you check that your scanner and printer would be compatible with XP. Someone with more knowledge than me will be able to help I am sure. Ive only had XP for a short while 8 wks. or so.

  Rayuk 21:55 30 Apr 2003

The AthlonXP2600+ comes in 2 flavours the 133[266fsb]@2.13MHz and the 166[333fsb]2.08GHz.
As Powerless said get them to rectify the bios settings as they know what motherboard you have,as there are different routines to change it.

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