Problems connecting a Mac and PC to the Internet

  s99Raj 22:22 30 Apr 2007

I have an eMac running OS X Panther and a pc running Xp Prof on a desk next to each other, and I want to connect both to my ntl/virginmedia broadband.

I can get each computer to work individually using an Ethernet cable but I can't seem to get them working via a router, the Netgear DSL Modem Gateway DG814. I've tried following the instructions in the manual, of course, but can only get one computer working, say, the Mac, but then the pc doesn't find the Gateway when I type in its location " click here ".

One question I have is, do I NEED to connect the router to a phone line using a filter? I have no actual NEED for to use a phone with the router.

  Forum Editor 22:50 30 Apr 2007

you do need to connect the router to the ADSL line via a filter - it won't work if you don't. The fact that you#re not going to plug in a phone has nothing to do with it.

  s99Raj 06:41 01 May 2007

Thank you for that.

So you're saying that this router HAS to be connected to a phone line.

What exactly is the ADSL line? I don't even know if I have one. My phone line is just an ordinary ntl phone line.

  s99Raj 07:24 01 May 2007

My ntl broadband comes via a separate line to my phone line, which is why I'm wondering why I need to connect a filter at all.

  rodriguez 12:53 01 May 2007

Are you on cable broadband? ADSL comes through the phone line and you'd have been supplied with the filters and equipment when you ordered it. ADSL lines are split into two - one for analogue phone (or Sky DigiBoxes) and the other for high speed internet. The filter is there to split the 2 lines and keep them apart to stop interference. If you're on cable broadband, it comes in from an underground fibre-optic cable and won't need filters or anything (I don't think anyway).

  s99Raj 15:46 01 May 2007

I have cable broadband, and don't get the Internet via the phone line, i.e. I have completely separate line for the Internet, and I felt that there was no need for any filters.

But am I using the right sort of router, i.e. the Netgear DSL Modem Gateway DG814?

  setecio 16:56 01 May 2007

Unfortunately not, that is an adsl router for adsl broadband via the telephone line. Yours is cable virgin media/ntl broadband and you need a cable router (without the adsl modem part). Netgears offerings are the WGR614 or WGT624 o WPN824 or WNR834B

  s99Raj 17:16 01 May 2007

Thanks for that, setecio. Looks like I have the wrong sort of router then, but the Internet does work when I connect either the Mac or the PC but not both.

Is this normal behaviour for this type of router?

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