Problems with AOpen AX3S machine - anyone familiar

  Catastrophe 11:18 07 Apr 2005

I have just put new memory (arrived next day from crucial) into a machine with AOpen AX3S mobo.

On boot, first the RAM power LED comes on, then the blinking LED comes on. A little while after single beep (POST) this stays on.

Trouble is there is nothing on the monitor (currently connected via KVM but can try direct connection).

Also there should be a connection to FAN1 which looks the same as the Socket370 connector but I cannot see such a connector (GND +12v sensor).

Any ideas please? Many thanks in advance.

  Catastrophe 11:29 07 Apr 2005

Strange. I have by-passed the KVM and it is now working perfectly. However, I am still concerned about the FAN1 connection. Any thoughts please?

  DieSse 13:28 07 Apr 2005

The Fan1 connector is for another fan in the system - usually refers to fitting a fan in the back of the case to blow hot air out of the case.

PS it took ages to look at the manual on the AOpen site - very slooooowwwwww.

  Catastrophe 14:23 07 Apr 2005


Sorry about that. I did check the manual on the CD but it just shows "Installing CPU and Fan" with two identical connectors and that FAN1 as the fan. The m/c has two fans. One on the CPU and one at the back. I had this put together for me (before I started making my own) and the tech must have chosen a different power source.

My apologies.

  DieSse 14:26 07 Apr 2005

No need for apologies - perfectly sensible question.

Some case fans have adapters to run them off the connectors that usually feed the disk drives.

  DieSse 14:28 07 Apr 2005

PPS - I missed the "making my own bit" - so my last comment fairly superfluous!

  DieSse 14:28 07 Apr 2005

PS - You may mean the one at the back is the one in the Power Supply. In which case it's often a benefit to get a normal case fan. They cost next to nothing and are extremely easy to fit oneself.

  DieSse 14:29 07 Apr 2005

How on earth did those last two get posted in the reverse order that I sent them !!!!!!!

  Catastrophe 14:58 07 Apr 2005

"PPS - I missed the "making my own bit" - so my last comment fairly superfluous!"

Not really. Whilst I have done loads of mods on about 10 machines I have only recently done my first complete assembly.


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