PC Advisor 11:08 16 Aug 2010

Will your next computer be a Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux system? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column, under the picture of the magazine.

  interzone55 13:42 16 Aug 2010

As my current PC and both laptops are all dual boot Windows (various flavours) and Linux, I can't see any reason to rock the boat by introducing a third OS into the mix.

A good tip for Linux fans who need to use Windows as well, get a large capacity USB stick and load a live Linux image onto it, that way you can boot to Linux by plugging the stock into any of your PCs...

  canarieslover 13:43 16 Aug 2010

Another Windows PC to enable me to carry on using my not inconsiderable investment in software that runs under Windows. I keep dabbling with Linux, trying to convince myself that it would be less money consuming, but I have been with Windows since Win 3 and old habits die hard.

  wee eddie 14:07 16 Aug 2010

You would need to purchase a copy of Windows?

  interzone55 17:15 16 Aug 2010

Yes you would.

And to be totally honest I do wonder why people pay huge sums for Apple computers, then run an operating system it was never designed to use.

One of the beauties of MacOSX is that it was written from the ground up to run on the tightly controlled Mac hardware configuration. Which is why it works so well.

The problem with Windows is that it has to be made to run on millions of different hardware configurations, which is not an easy job, kind of like bolting a Ford engine management system on a Vauxhall and expecting to drive away without stalling...

  wee eddie 18:00 16 Aug 2010

However, I have too much information stored in Outlook (.pst file) to leave M$ Office with ease.

  octal 19:06 16 Aug 2010

I've been using Linux for too long, I can see no good reason to switch to Windows. Anyway, I don't think there are many computer suppliers selling computers without putting Windows on them, so when I buy my next one the first thing I'll do is to remove Windows and put Linux on it, bit of a waste really, but what else can I do?

  john 52 19:18 16 Aug 2010

Just bought an iMac ! Had been looking at the Sony all in one but found the price difference not huge and so far very pleased with the ease of set up .
Also customer service from the apple store has been excellent .
I think Windows 7 is a step forward in the right direction for Microsoft

  dms_05 11:01 17 Aug 2010

I like and use Linux but when I buy my next computer it will be Microsoft Windows simply because so much of my software base requires it. When I can I use Linux (Mepis is my favourite) but I'm afraid some tasks just demand Windows. In any case Windows has performed faultlessly for me over the years but I do like Linux.

  onthelimit2 13:26 20 Aug 2010

im with octal Linux is far better than windows

  Coltch 15:05 20 Aug 2010

My next build will have Fedora Linux or Debian as the main OS, with Windows 7 on a separate partition for gaming and Media Centre duties.

Point blank refuse to buy an overpriced/under specced Mac PC.

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