PC won't recognise/charge up iPad

  Pineman100 18:01 26 Aug 2010

My sister is visiting from the USA, bringing her iPad with her. She assumed she could keep it recharged by plugging into people's USB ports.

While she was staying with me, she successfully recharged her iPad from a USB port in my Windows 7 laptop. We just plugged in the USB lead, I got a brief "installing software for Apple iPad" report from my System Tray, and the iPad was then recognised. It charged successfully.

My sister is now visiting someone else and has tried the same procedure for charging from their Windows 7 PC. But this time the PC refuses to recognise the iPad. It launches an offer to download iTunes - which she doesn't want to do, but still refuses to recognise the iPad.

I have formed the vague idea that my version of W7 is newer than the one that's being troublesome, and that maybe it therefore contains generic iPad drivers that recognised the iPad, thus allowing it to be charged.

If the other version of W7 doesn't contain these rivers (and my sister doesn't have any driver CD for the iPad), can you suggest how we can get the iPad charged from the other computer?

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated.

  gengiscant 18:41 26 Aug 2010

Does your PC have itunes on it?
click here
click here
This one scroll down to cameronman,it might work for ipad click here

  Pineman100 19:09 26 Aug 2010

I'll pass those useful links on to my sister.

  john bunyan 20:17 26 Aug 2010

You can buy international charging adapters that work anywhere, and with a car adapter. Worth it not to have to rely on USB's.

  Pineman100 10:31 27 Aug 2010

I'll make that recommendation to my sister.

You might like to know that I studied your allegory at school ;o)

  john bunyan 12:08 27 Aug 2010

"You might like to know that I studied your allegory at school"
Yes, as a pilgrim through life, I have yet to find the answer!

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