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  Dannyb 17:04 04 Feb 2006

I feel sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it on the forum. I am looking to buy a small laptop (12") and lightweight. Not sure whether to go for a PC or an Apple Power Book. I've heard good reports about Apple but am familiar with a PC. Can anybody let me know if there are any downsides to the Apple and what they are. Also, does anybody know of the cheapest website to find them?

  Kate B 18:18 04 Feb 2006

I love Macs and I have an entry-level iBook as my second computer. The downsides are that it is an expensive laptop for its spec and that software for Macs is thinner on the ground and more expensive. Having said that, there are free things you can use - there's a port of OpenOffice to Mac and there's Nvu for web design, for starters.

Upsides of a Mac: beautiful, stable OS (I've had my iBook for nearly two years and it's never crashed on me), works straight out of the box, comes with useful software pre-installed, easy to add to a network, no viruses or spyware.

The OS looks a bit different to Windows and uses some different terminology but it's not very different in practice.

  tomsdad 19:38 04 Feb 2006

Go for the Mac, I have just got my ibook this week and am so impressed with it. It looks great, when you pick it up it don’t feel like its going to fall to pieces in your hand like some Pc I have seen.

I am still finding my around Tiger but its not to different from Windows, but I am sure in a few days you will have it mastered. I got it logged into my wireless router no problem, all in all I am very please. Tomsdad

  Dannyb 19:52 04 Feb 2006

I am rapidly being swayed towards the Apple...

  ade.h 22:53 04 Feb 2006

I like both worlds.

A lot of my clients use Mac G5s, due to the nature of their work, and whenever I have been given the chance to play around with OS X, I have been very impressed. I rate XP pretty highly, all things considered, and I like Suse too. But OS X is even better.

  Forum Editor 23:30 04 Feb 2006

I use a Mac in my office because one of my major client companies use them in their Hong Kong dealing room, and I need to work with them on Mac files.

Every time I use mine (a G4) I realise why dedictaed Mac users become so devoted to them. If only Apple could get those prices down they would see sales lift off in a big way.

  bfoc 22:54 05 Feb 2006

And talk to some of their sales people there are very good offers at the moment.

I ordered a 12' iBook, for my daughter, with 1 Gb of memory, 60 Gb hard drive and 3 yr apple care warranty for around £130 less than the price quoted online with Educational discount!

Also the software that comes with it is pretty useful.

My daughter loves it!

  HXP 23:29 05 Feb 2006

I hope people can be balanced - I find people that use macs take on an evangelical fervour.

There are many things to consider - avaialable software ( PC wins ) hardware compatability ( PC again) compatabilty with other users ( PC again )

Spec vs price ( pc ).

The mac is a fine machine if there is going to be a debate lets stray away from pc's that allegedly fall apart ( surely they can't all disintegrate ?)

If you go down the MAC route support is definately less than for PC - that may or may not matter to you. If it doesn't buy a MAC - but only if it is a logical ( unemotional ) choice.

I have used a MAC & it is just as good as windows but the mainstream is PC so it is worth taking that in to consideration.

I now wait for the illogical rants of the ' MAC is so much better than the PC ' ....

Lets try and be objective and recognise the value of both.


  Forum Editor 23:45 05 Feb 2006

and I've used both PCs and Macs for many years - I think I'm probably qualified to comment on both with a degree of objectivity.

It used to be the case in the publishing industry that no self-respecting graphics or layout designer would be seen dead using anything but a Mac - it was the general consensus that nothing touched them and QuarkXpress. That's changed to a large extent, although you'll still see Macs in abundance. My brother, who owns/runs a large multi-media production company says that Macs rule as far as his video edit suites go. He has Pcs on the office network though.

As far as I'm concerned it's horses for courses - I have a single G4 Mac in my office because I need to work with a Mac-obsessed client who has 164 of them networked in his office. Otherwise I'm a PC man, because they earn my living for me.

Apple undoubtedly make the world's most beautiful computers and monitors - spend an hour in an Apple shop and you'll realise that. The operating system is a dream to use, but then so is Windows XP. Computers are computers are computers, but some are just different. Let's not waste time blathering about which is best - they're both good - let's do what HXP suggests, and recognise their respective values.

  Kate B 00:52 06 Feb 2006

I'm not usually given to illogical rants either and I use both a PC and a Mac. I've never had any problems with hardware compatibility (though you might occasionally have to dig around the net for a Mac driver for something, they're usually there); nor document compatibility.

There is probably more software for PCs but how much software do you really need? An office suite, a web design platform if you're a webmaster, some picture management software, a media player, a web browser, a mail client - all available for Macs in both free and paid-for flavours. Games - the PC wins there, granted. Oh yeah, and for a PC you need AV and anticrapware - you don't need those for a Mac.

Yes, the mainstream is PC but one of the reasons is, as Peter points out, that Apple's prices are daftly high. There's no reason why Macs shouldn't become as mainstream as the PC. They're just as easy to use, easier to maintain and just as functional.

And what do you mean, HXP, when you say "support is definitely less than for a PC"? There are plenty of Mac experts out there willing to help, just as there are PC experts. Apple's support is no more or less flaky than some other computer box-shifters.

I'm very objective. I like both.

  HXP 23:51 07 Feb 2006

Hi all,

Hope my comments were taken as they were meant - I do not have a bad word to say about MACs as the FE says design and innovation - without them I suspect we would all still be using beige boxes ( and probably a more inferior version of windows).

What I meant by support is definately less was just a reflection of the PC's penetration in the general environment.

I work in a company that employs 100,000 people and the majority use Windows PC's.There are some MACS but they are the (lucky?) few.

The whole IT support for the company is geared to PC not MAC and I suspect that is reflected elsewhere in industry(apart from publishing?). I know in the residential market PC's are more prevalent than MACS.

The local retail outlets are mainly geared to supply the PC market.

If you want to play games ( hope that's not too low brow but I have kids )then again it's the PC.

That was why I suggested it is a factor to consider when making a choice on what to buy.

PS I still think MACS are great machines and I just make an observation, I would never suggest Apple support is flaky just less users means less of a talent pool to draw on.


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