PC Network and Mac Network..help!

  lister110 17:20 08 Jan 2006

I am a complete newbie when it comes to networks, so hopefully someone could help!

We are a small company with a main server which handels a group of pc's. In our studio we have a few macs using a mac server we have also set up. We have a dedicated shared folder/drive which both the macs and pcs can see.

Now here is the problem which I'm not sure how hard or easy this can be! and would really appreciate any tips...

I have been asked to take one of the pcs and place this into the studio, this will replace one of our macs which was running on our Mac server. But i need to make the pc see what all the other pc's are seeing? My boss thinks all we need to do is patch this up.

Is it easy enough just to move the pc plug in the ethernet cable and patch this in the server room, our would there be alot of problems!! At the moment we have no IT so I have been left in bit of a mess...

  mgmcc 22:33 08 Jan 2006

Try it and see - seriously! :-)

I don't know what is involved with your "Mac server", but with a Mac running OS X 10.4.3 (Tiger), I go into "System Preferences > Sharing" and enable (a) Personal File Sharing and (b) Windows Sharing which lets me access the files in my "Home" folder. You probably have a more complex set of options but the basic principle may be essentially the same.

As with Windows to Windows networking, the computers need to be in the same "Workgroup". In the Mac, the Workgroup name is set up in:

Applications > Utilities > Directory Access

where SMB/CIFS is ticked and then the Configure button clicked.

Now this assumes that you are running Peer-to-Peer networks similar to those used in home networking. If you are using Client/Server networking in conjunction with dedicated server software then the situation is probably very much more complex and certainly beyond my knowledge.

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