PC to Macintosh Network crisis

  nicksrd 20:47 17 May 2005

Does anyone out ther have any experience of networking a macintosh and a PC?

I am running a P3 win2k pc and a G4 OS10.3 Mac and I need to share files and backup between the machines, the best I can come up with at the moment is a 1GB USB flash drive.

The win2k machine is a temporary guest and I intend to buy a new CAD/CAM high end workstation in the near future, with XPpro, but I would like to get the network up now really.

Any boffins with advice will be greatly appreciated.

  Kate B 14:07 19 May 2005

It's pretty straightforward, actually - you can either do a quick and dirty peer-to-peer connection with a crossover cable or set up a more permanent network.

I use a Netgear DG834G wireless adsl modem/router with my iBook running Tiger and my Windows XP box.

On the Mac, all you need to do is enable Windows File Sharing in System Preferences. Presumably you've got an Airport card in your Mac so once the router is up and running, the Airport card will simply join the network (subject to any security measures you take with the router).

On the Windows PC select the drives you want to share on the network (I just have one folder specifically for the purpose of transferring files between the Mac and the PC, it's not a good idea to share the root of your C drive) and to access that Windows folder on the Mac, in Finder click Network and follow the prompts.

Here's a useful website: click here

good luck

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