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  Amalric I 16:59 12 Feb 2007

I now have 3 PCs and 2 Macs on on my AirPort Extreme LAN, all sharing my broadband connection, but I do not know how to share files between the Macs and PCs. Is this possible under OSX 10.4? Is it still necessary to buy a piece of software. If so which is best. Any experience with this out there>

  brundle 17:04 12 Feb 2007

Try Hamachi click here
Install on each machine, log on to one network set up in Hamachi itself.

  Amalric I 15:59 13 Feb 2007

The MACs situation seem to be more complicated, especially as I am a newcomer to MACs, as opposed to PCs with Windows since the first version.

  Amalric I 14:09 24 Feb 2007

My main PC has been getting slower and harder to boot and shut down and Hamachi seems to be adding to the problem. also as the main objective was to be able to handle the Macs and PCs on the same network and Hamachi did not offer a simple way to to this I have uninstalled Hamachi and will look for another solution.

Has anybody succeeded in having Macs and PCs on the same metwork?

  powerless 14:18 24 Feb 2007


On yer Mac, open the Finder.

Click: Network [right side, top]...and wait.

You should see the names of the other computers appear [they might not appear straight away so just give it a min.]


This is the easiest way, and so if it does not work post back. If you have firewalls on your Windows Pcs turn them off when you try the above as it will only complicate things.

  powerless 14:20 24 Feb 2007

Click: Network [LEFT side, top]...and wait.

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