~*~PC to MAC Internet Sharing~*`

  dhaneshrs 17:34 01 Mar 2005

Hi .. i have a PC with a DSL line .. my modem is Lucent CellPipe CELL-20A-USB ... its working fine .. Now i have a MAC .. its a G3 with OS 8.5 installed .. i wanted to connect my pc to the mac for sharing my internet connection ..
Can anyone guide me step by step on how do i do this ? .. if possible please list the various hardware required ..
Thankx in advance

  Jeffers22 17:58 01 Mar 2005

Airport card for the Mac (If G3 will accept one - not sure about that) and a wireless router attached to your modem. Probably need an ethernet modem too as it's unlikely your USB modem will be able to connect to the router.

If Mac has LAN port, then a wired router would do the trick and you wouldn't need the airport card.

  dhaneshrs 18:03 01 Mar 2005

Hi Jeffers22 ... the MAC has a LAN card .. so i guess i need a lan card for the pc too ? .. ok .. so can i also connect through USB ? if yes then would there be any diffrence in transfer speed .. whats good ? LAN OR USB ..
Can you please also help me out with the software settings on the PC as well as MAC ? ..

  Jeffers22 18:31 01 Mar 2005

Yes to a LAN card for the PC unless it has LAN built into the motherboard.

USB modems are not really set up for networking. If you can find a router with USB you may be able to get away with it, but I would suggest you get an ethernet combined modem/router. It will need to ports minimum. Ebuyer is probably as good as anywhere.

I've not tried to connect PC and Mac on a network - will be trying that when I can justify buying the new Mac Mini. I know it is possible under OSx, suggest you go to one of the Mac forums for specific help on settings. In fact dropping in here click here

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