pc jpeg images to mac

  User-271645 14:59 20 May 2005

I have just sent some images of an exhibition to a friend in the states,he replies that he is using an emac and cannot open them.
Help please,and thanks of course.

  Technotiger 15:13 20 May 2005

Hi, my daughter uses a Mac also - she has sent me many pictures and video clips on cd, all of which run and open as normal in my PC XP-Home.
I use Quicktime to view the video clips. I have sent her pictures (jpg's) by normal email which she has viewed without problem on her Mac. Perhaps your friend has a problem with his Mac at the USA end. Sorry I can't be more helpfull.


  User-271645 15:37 20 May 2005

thanks technotiger.I think you may be correct
I will leave the post on for a while but thanks again for you time

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