PC to Apple Mac (advice please)

  Enoch 09:09 11 Jun 2007

I have been a PC laptop user since time began, now on XPhome but now my adult children want me to change the habits of a lifetime and move to Apple Mac laptop. They have made the change and, they being heavy users both in business and home, I am relatively convinced.

Has anybody else of senior (or even junior) years made this complete change and how have they managed?

Help and advice would be really appreciated

  Technotiger 11:06 11 Jun 2007

Hi, I would say go for it ... I am in my 70's so am sticking with XP, can't afford to change anyway, but my son Steve(aged 39yrs) changed to Apple, about one year ago, started producing his own Sports Magazine on his home Apple and has never looked back, he is doing brilliantly. You can see the results at click here Mind you, he is also a brilliant Artist!

  Kate B 11:49 11 Jun 2007

Macs are lovely - they just work and I often recommend them for new users of computers. Having said that, I probably wouldn't particularly encourage an experienced Windows user to make the switch: there's not much to be gained from doing so unless you're really fed up with keeping your Windows box clear of malware and patching it.

But I can't see that you'll have any big issues. File formats are compatible across both platforms and while some of the vocabulary is a little different, the user interface won't present any problems. Under the hood, of course, it is very different, but unless you're about to delve into the world of Unix geekery, you won't have to deal with that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 11 Jun 2007

There is an good article on this subject, in Issue 243 of Computer Active magazine, out in the next day or two.

  Enoch 12:29 11 Jun 2007

Kate B., I am an experienced PC user and the reason for the change that I now need to replace anyway as my existing PC is getting old and tired. The best news that you offered in your post is that of your second paragraph, which was my biggest concern. I will never be a "Geek" at my age (I am like Technotiger) but I am a heavy user in the home requirements, banking, letters, excel, contacts and calendar and the like.

I also sync to a Palm Treo 750v which runs "Windows Mobile 5". on which I sync by "ActiveSync". I have a meeting with Apple .Mac sales tomorrow and I understand that I could still sync, but using "MissingSync" instead of ActiveSync.

Hopefully they will also tell me I can transfer my PC Microsft programmes onto the .mac, albeit from microsoft into .mac programmes, and, if thats the case and it seems from your second paragraph that it is, I will be going ahead with the change, subject to no one else coming into this string to advise me not to, and why.

Finally, KateB, have no fear, "under the hood" is no place for a senior citizen like me to look under.

Thanks for coming back and to "Technotiger", I will post again and let you know how I get on.

  Enoch 12:34 11 Jun 2007

Thanks "Fruit Bat /\0/\", there is also an enlightening article in the PCAdvisor magazine June 2007 (issue 143) on page 82, with particular reference to this subject on page 86

  Kate B 14:43 11 Jun 2007

You won't be able to transfer your software, you will have to buy Mac-compatible versions: that for me would be a big disincentive. However, you could look at open-source alternatives: there's a version of Open Office for Mac which would mean you don't need to buy Office; and you could use Thunderbird, or even the inbuilt mail client, instead of Outlook.

Similarly if you have Photoshop, you'll have to buy a new copy, though I think (but don't quote me) Elements works on both platforms. Certainly an earlier version did.

  Enoch 15:28 11 Jun 2007

I do not mind transferring my info onto a different programme as long as I can do it and do not lose my existing information and then to update it as I have done in the past. However, I am led to beleive (rightly or not) that on the latest .Mac's I can have a windows operating system alongside the .Mac operating system.

I don't quite understand what they actually mean, it maybe, as you wrote ".Mac-Compatible versions" but tomorrow, Tuesday, I am going to the local Apple shop and discuss it fully, with a list of my queries.

I let you know the results before I buy, or IF I buy a .Mac. Thanks for your interest KateB.

  Quiet Life 23:19 11 Jun 2007

Leopard the new mac operating system has been delayed to October. It is said to to make running Windows programs much quicker. The present system can be very slow on emulating some Window programs.
I get the feeling that you are set on a mac but why you want the agro of changing from Windows is difficult to understand. Stick with the devil you know.

  Enoch 05:57 12 Jun 2007

"Quiet Life"--No, I am not committed or set on a .Mac. However, as my current laptop is reaching the end of its life, (nearly 5 years of heavy home use) I am now in the market for a new laptop. In my mind, I would be very lax in not looking at the best current system whoever the manufacturer or which operating system is the best.

I do have the time to spend on learning the latest methods. I am sure that all window users have to make the mental change (like I have done in the past) when upgrading to the latest windows. My change, IF I change, will be more. However, I repeat, I do have all the time in the world.

I will come back to this post after todays meeting with Apple

  Enoch 18:49 13 Jun 2007

OK, for those of you who are intersted, I have spent the last couple of days investigating Apple.Mac. My observations are that it is a step up from Windows. The support and training offered by Apple is by far and away better than any other supplier of Windows PC's. The three problems that I would have had by leaving M/S for Apple was easily overcome. The first was that my Palm Treo 750v uses a windows programme to sync. I have now discovered that there are other "Sync" programmes that will work. Secondly, I use "M/S Money which is not Apple.Mac based. However Quicken has a .Mac based programme which will do all the M/S Money does. Finally my multifunction printer can easily be replaced by a .Mac recognised multifunction printer.

I await any comments to my findings with great interest

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