PC Advisor mobile survey, win an iPad

  simonjary 13:10 24 Apr 2012

Hi, everyone.

We're running some internal research on readers' mobile usage, and as an incentive we're running a prize draw for the new iPad.

Click here to enter to win the new iPad.

The information we collect from this survey is for research purposes only and will be held in strict confidence. Your privacy is assured.



Publisher, PC Advisor

  Joseph Kerr 15:38 24 Apr 2012

Is the winner picked at random?

  simonjary 15:44 24 Apr 2012

Yes, no need to come up with a witty slogan or answer a tricky question - just complete the survey and fill in your details.

  Joseph Kerr 16:01 24 Apr 2012


  WhiteTruckMan 18:54 24 Apr 2012

I've just done the survey, even though I'm not sure what use I would have for an ipad.

However, it seems pretty plain from some of the questions relating to job/position etc that this is a pretty much targeted survey, i.e. IT professionals, management & white collar workers.

Frankly, I found it more than a little condecending that more than a few questions I had to answer none or not applicable.

Dont the people who formulate these things realise that a far wider range of people are IT users that they seem to give credit for. Or do they simply not care?


  Forum Editor 19:05 24 Apr 2012

"Dont the people who formulate these things realise that a far wider range of people are IT users that they seem to give credit for. Or do they simply not care?"

The survey has been specifically designed to find out out about peoples' use of mobile devices, and I thought that was made pretty clear. Most people would find some of the questions don't apply to them, you're not alone in that respect. There's no condescension involved or intended.

As far as not knowing what good an iPad would be - that was my feeling too, until I got one. Now I wouldn't part with it, it's probably the most useful bit of technology I've ever used.

  Bingalau 19:42 24 Apr 2012

FE. You say that about every gadget you buy. (Guitar) (Kindle) etc. Mind you, I am the same...

  WhiteTruckMan 21:48 24 Apr 2012

Nevertheless, FE, I do feel a bit put out. Almost to the point of being made to feel inferior because I do almost none of the activities listed, no longer have a company phone, and do not posess (i.e. cant afford) the kind of phone technology that seems to be taken for granted these days.

I'm not ashamed of it, but neither do I enjoy the feeling that this isn't really for me and I'm only being humoured when I answer these type of questions. I'm happy to hear that no condescension was involved or intended. But the world is full of unintended consequences.

End of grump.


  Forum Editor 22:12 24 Apr 2012


I agree about my Kindle - best bit of technology I've ever used....apart from my iPad.

Guitars aren't really classed as technology.

  Condom 22:38 24 Apr 2012


Well perhaps some of them should be. Strats, Telecasters and Les Pauls are all solid lumps of mainly wood and all the sound is produced electronically.

There is a big difference between them and semi or full accoustic guitars.

  daz60 22:55 24 Apr 2012

Guitars aren't really classed as technology

but you do know how to pull a string.

Otherwise if a person manufactures something is that not "technology".

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