packard bell or emachines

  karen-241100 12:28 25 Mar 2004

My sister is looking to buy a computer for my neice who is 9. She has been advised to buy a pentium 4 and has seen two computers in pc world that are pentium 4 and the price she wants to pay.
One is an emachine and the other is a packard bell, both machines have got similar specs. Can anyone give us a bit of advice on which pc would be the best one.

  anon1 12:35 25 Mar 2004

Really a matter of personal preference. I would suggest having a good look round click here click here those are a couple of good places to look. Personally I would not touch p/bell with a barge pole (previous experience) but whatever you buy I suggest that you check how upgradable it is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:03 25 Mar 2004

Emachines are excellent, I have bought 12 for a couple of Estate Agents, all from stock.


  Al94 13:08 25 Mar 2004

Agree with Gandalf, my wife bought an emachine 4 months ago from PCW. £499 including TFT monitor. It was a bit light on memory but a visit to Crucial sorted that out! Excellent machine for the money and would do a 9 y o very nicely.

  keith-236785 13:26 25 Mar 2004

I agree with the above, enquire at pc world about the windows software that comes with the pc because you can be pretty sure that a 9 year old is going to screw up windows (im 41 and still manage it lol). you need to ensure that recovery cd is part of the package or a full winxp cd. (personally i will not buy a pc from anywhere if i do not get the full windows CD, restore discs are ok but what happens when the hard drive fails {and believe me, it will fail} eventually.

regarding the choice, emachines seem to be a little cheaper than others. but they are probably built by the same "monkeys" anyway so just buy whichever you like the look of, test them both in the shop and take particular notice of the screen, some TFT screens are poor quality (i know cos i bought one from PCworld) just remember that this is what you are going to be looking at most.

good luck

  TommyRed 15:24 25 Mar 2004

I've got an emachines 420 from Currys, good little PC as mentioned low on memory and I've got a problem with the TFT monitor, which is Medion, Otherwise purfick. HTH TR

  ThePharcyde007 16:05 25 Mar 2004

I had a emachine pc also, adequate for normal use. But hopeless when you come to upgrade ended up building my own!!

  ThePharcyde007 16:06 25 Mar 2004

Also, dont get a CDR/DVD Samsung Combi drive with your emachine, I got though 2 in a year, and the 3rd broke out of warrenty

  Al94 14:53 26 Mar 2004

emachines come with a full restore CD

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