Optimum 3DS Max Rendering Machine?

  pnunneley 11:21 31 Jul 2008

Hi There,

I am looking, in the not too distant future, to get a new pc built, I have been shopping round for components but have hit a bit of a problem. I work as a 3D visualiser in an architects office and predominantly use 3D Max, Vray and Photoshop and I am looking to get a PC for home use that can give me the best performance when it comes to Rendering out from Vray and 3DS max, the problem is that I use a Dell system at work with 2 Intel Xeon Quad 1.8Ghz processors and 4GB RAM (quad-channel DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMM 533MHz ECC memory). My problem is that I have been looking at components and seen that DDR3 RAM can run at 1800Mhz but I can only find single CPU motherboards which will support this and all the dual processor motherboards all seem to only take FB DIMM DDR2 so...


Should I be looking at a dual processor system with 2 slower processors (due to cost) and slower FB DIMM RAM -OR- a single fater processor system with the fastest DDR3 RAM?

In both cases I would probably look at 4GB RAM and a 64bit operating system but some advise on the optimum Rendering hardware would be appreciated! Of course if I'm way off the mark on what are the most important components then please let me know!

  pnunneley 11:31 31 Jul 2008

Just another point, I always read and thought that Intel was the processor of choice for rendering but have just read a thread on another site saying that AMD have out performed in recent benchmark tests? any advise?

  I am Spartacus 12:12 31 Jul 2008

You haven't mentioned a budget.

Will you also want something like a Nvidia Quadro FX5600 click here or a consumer graphics card?

Although DDR3 is dropping in price I don't think the performance gain over fast DDR2 is worth the difference in price (unless you have a big budget).

How about looking at Dell systems?

  pnunneley 13:02 31 Jul 2008

Hi There,

I guess I'm going to end up looking at around £1500-£2500 (probably the higher end), I'm trying to work out if my brother-in-law can save me the VAT! as far as GPU I guess cost is going to mean a consumer card such as:

Asus ATI Radeon HD 4850 1024MB GDDR3
Asus GeForce 8800 Ultra HTDP 768MB GDDR3

not too sure yet but didn't think it was quite as important for rendering? Those Quadro's are nice but out of my proce range i think, although I might be able to get hold of a FX3700 for a lower price...

  pnunneley 16:16 31 Jul 2008

I also looked at some dell systems as suggested, but as you get near the top end the cost seems to go a lot higher compared to what is available if I buy seperate components, If money was no object I would consider it as the dell I'm on at the moment is reliable and their support is good (from my own experience at least)... it also does not help that their website has been crashing as soon as i try and spec up a workstation!?!

  Ditch999 17:22 31 Jul 2008

Buy as good a quad core PC with DDR2 and an empty PCIe x16 slot as you can afford, minus cost of a Quadro card.
Then buy a Quadro card and install it. It does make a big difference.

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