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  Sic 17:12 20 Aug 2007

I noticed a locked thread in the Consumerwatch forum asking for advice on online pharmacies. The FE commented thus:

'If you can't get what you want over the counter at your local pharmacy you shouldn't resort to self-treatment via the internet; visit your GP for advice.'

Is this not rather putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5? I recently had a prescription for anti malarial drugs, all local pharmacies wanted around £2.80 to £3.20 per pill. Got them online for £2 a pill.

And who is this rogue internet drug pusher you ask? Boots online. 44 pills makes it worthwhile to shop around, and the internet proved cheapest.

  hereford456 17:28 20 Aug 2007

But the thing about buying on-line is you do not know if they have passed strict quality control as the tablets bought at Boots would have done.

I do understand why some people go on line to buy but it's not worth the risk if you get a bad batch that dont do the job you want them to do.

  mrwoowoo 17:48 20 Aug 2007

Have read numerous articles in the press relating to fake tablets and medicines on the net which are not actually what they say they are.
Most are repackaged and passed off as something else because they are cheaper than what they are supposed to be.
not only do they not treat your condition,but they are often used to treat something completely different which could have a very adverse effect.

  Stuartli 17:59 20 Aug 2007

I gather that you have not read Sic's thread properly.

He claims that he found the cheapest anti-malaria tables from Boots Online i.e. the Internet based version of the high street chemist.

There is a prescription link:

click here

  sunny staines 18:05 20 Aug 2007

click here

recent report on dangers

  Forum Editor 18:21 20 Aug 2007

for good reason, but you failed to understand why.

The online pharmacy in the link posted in the thread you referred to is not Boots, or anything like it, it's a website that will supply you with more or less any prescription drug on demand, without any proper check as to whether you should be taking it.

For instance, I could buy a drug called Paroxat, which is a powerful antidepressant, has a list of over 30 possible side effects, and another 24 or so possible side effects that are classified by the manufacturers as 'serious'. One of them is 'vomit that contains blood', and another is 'severe bodily jerking that you cannot control'.

Paroxat is only available on prescription in the UK, and nobody, under any circumstances, should be able to order it at will via the internet - but you can if you go to the site I'm referring to.

That's why I said what I said, and I'm surprised you didn't bother to think it through before posting this thread.

We're not going to run any threads that recommend an online pharmacy - nobody should buy prescription drugs via the internet, it's a stupid thing to do.

  Forum Editor 18:25 20 Aug 2007

Boots online prescription service is different, and I think everyone realises that - it isn't what we're concerned about, and it isn't what the other thread (which prompted this one) was about.

  mrwoowoo 18:30 20 Aug 2007

if you can pass off 100 aspirin ( only an example )which cost 50p and repackage as paroxat which look similar but would give you a £5 return,then fraudsters are and do try it.
A placebo effect at best.
At worst? no treatment or dire reaction.

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