Ongoing saga re- maco's DTR history

  maco2078 08:21 29 May 2009

Hi Guys,

Well some of you may recall I have had a series of mishaps now with at least 3 DTR's all of which have been returned, although I may have been a bit hasty, especially with the Sagem as I think the remote was merely scrambled and nothing was actually wrong with the box.

A friend keeps advising me to go for a Skybox, but another friend says if I do and cancel the after the three 6 months they will hassle me endlessly to join up again.

So torn what to do because from my observations the DTR's ALL have problems sooner or later, I went over to Tesco and I found an out of the box Sharps TU-R160HA DTR. It looked a bit battered, but I figured as long as it records is all that really matters. I have inbuilt Freeeview on my TV anyway.

Got it home and excitedly put it on and wallah, si working but realized I have no remote for it.

So, although it records I dinnae know how to delete, especially once the library gets full.

It also sticks when trying to make choices from the menu, ie I can't get the control arrow to shif downwards.

I am in process of makin enquiries where to get hold of a remote and have read up reviews about this DTR and it's an update on the previous make coz it's got 8 day timing AND series link.

But, Im wondering if I get a remote will it still work? so is it worth forking out for only to find it is useless. So (I still have 27 days guarantee) should I take it back and p[ay out around £80.00 for a brand new pne, but which one? arrrgggghhhhhh!

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

(Playback is excellent quality I might add.)


  maco2078 09:52 29 May 2009

PS I forgot to add this DTR has been reduced from .89 to £77.51 then to £72.67 to £19.54 and finally a staggering £14.66.

Hmmm! Maybe there is something wrong with it???

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