NTL + new machine with XP +log on

  WallyD 18:23 11 Jan 2003
  WallyD 18:23 11 Jan 2003

I'm trying to help someone by phone to connect to NTL.She is using new machine with win Xp of which I know nothing.Not getting results with her NTL disc(don't know why) I suggested she connects as I did when swopping machine by using Dial-Up Internet like her I just enter the details for NTL as on my old machine.However going to control panel she tells me she has fewer icon than my Win ME and she can't find Dial-Up Internet.
This stumped me and I now ask for someones advice
Many Thanks

  VoG™ 18:28 11 Jan 2003

It should be in Control Panel, Network Connections

  worf 18:48 11 Jan 2003

If its an new XP machine she probably needs to change all the menus back to classic view.
If she right clicks the toolbar at the bottom of her screen and selects properties, then select start menu, then select classic start menu. Now go into start/settings/control panel and on the left is a Control Panel drop down menu. On that menu it has the option to "Switch to Classic View". If she selects that she will then get all the icons displayed rather than the reduced control panel view when in the "XP Category View".
Once she has the classic view, as VoG states, it will be under "Network Connections".
When MS brought out XP they defaulted it to "Category View" which if you are used to the old style "Classic View" can be a pain trying to navigate.

  WallyD 18:56 11 Jan 2003

Thank you very much
Service as usual

  worf 13:11 24 Jan 2003

Excellent WallyD
Could I please ask you to check the resolved tab

  WallyD 14:26 24 Jan 2003

I forgot to tick the box
My apologies

  WallyD 14:26 24 Jan 2003

I forgot to tick the box
My apologies

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