Notifications vanish from Notification Centre

  uandme72 10:35 19 Mar 2017

I am having issue of missing notifications in notification center for new mail on iOS 10.3 beta 7 since beta 1. The notifications either dont appear in notification center, or if they appear they disappear whenever the mail app is opened or on their own after 2 minutes. Problem is not resolved even after Reset All Settings, restore from backup.

  jaritch 09:42 20 Mar 2017

Could it be because it is a beta. I don't run them but isn't part of the point of betas to report bugs like this?

  uandme72 15:23 20 Mar 2017

I have already reported it. Yet no solution so far even after 20 days.

  uandme72 15:23 20 Mar 2017

I think this problem also occurred on 10.2.1 public release. This occurrence in Beta is only continuation.

  uandme72 06:59 26 Mar 2017

1.) I had installed 10.2.1 as new using DFU mode (without backup restore), and then reproduced the issue. The problem remained.

2.) I installed 10.3 Beta 1 through 7 as new using DFU mode (without backup restore) in each case, and then again reproduced the issue for each installation. The problem remained in every installation.

3.) The vanishing of mail notifications from Notification Centre upon opening of Mail App (while no notifications or individual new or old mail is touched or opened), does not happen if the Clear button at the top right of the Notification Centre is not clicked and ALL notifications are not removed atleast once. Hence, the vanishing of notifications cannot be called an expected behaviour. This further implies that clicking the "Clear" Button at the top right of the Notification Centre is the cause of the flawed and erratic behaviour.

4.) Once the vanishing of notifications from Notification Centre has started, the vanishing act repeats even if "Reset All Settings" is done. The vanishing of mail notifications upon opening Mail App (without opening any new mail), stops only if the iPhone is reset as new using iTunes. But the behaviour again starts occurring if atleast once the Clear button is clicked and ALL notifications are removed.

5.) For argument sake, if we assume that opening and closing the Mail App (while no mail or notification is opened or even touched) is designed to clear all previous mail notifications from Notification Centre, then it is a completely flawed design. This prevents the user from viewing the new mail notifications even if he has not read the new mail, which it is not expected and desired.

6.) This current erratic behaviour is forcing the user not to click clear button for removing older notifications, as that would prevent subsequent newer notifications from appearing. This is also not desirable.

7.) The erratic behaviour of vanishing notifications starts occurring after every fresh installation of iOS (even if without backup restore) if after the fresh installation, the Clear button is clicked atleast once and ALL notifications are removed from the Notification Centre.

  uandme72 09:57 26 Mar 2017

I would also like to tell that the erratic behaviour does not occur if we remove ALL older notifications by using the 3D touch method of "CLEAR ALL NOTIFICATIONS" by deep pressing the cross at the top right in Notification Centre. The error occurs only when we use the cross button at the top right to click it multiple times to clear all older notifications.

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