noisy machine

  mec13 09:45 28 Nov 2004

I have a Time machine,athlon 2.6+ (dont know what the + sign means)and radeon 9200 card inside.Xp home etc, etc. From day one this machine has been a bit on the noisy side, ie the cooling fans. My son is a 'gamer'(this is normal I'm told for a 14 yr old)I'v noticed my machine does get quite warm during his war games. The fan noise does get annoying to the extent that it spoils the sound effects. Is there some way this can be made more tolerble, or is it a visit to a computer shop for some sort of 'mod' done. the machine is about 18 mths old.

  spuds 11:12 28 Nov 2004

There are more better fans and other devices available for the gamer used computer.A visit to the local knowledgable computer shop would not go amiss.But do not be conned into purchasing a brand new gamer specification computer as a christmas present.

  TomJerry 11:14 28 Nov 2004

click here, this is a specialist pursue, local shop simply would not do it.

  TomJerry 11:24 28 Nov 2004

you definitely got a Chrismtas gift idea now. Game experience will be improved dramatically.

Make noise PC quieter is expensive, a good pair of headset may solve gameboy's problem.

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  Diemmess 11:32 28 Nov 2004

Presumably fan noise is at the root of your problem. There may be + or minus 3 fans going all the time and if you are going to deal with this yourself, you need to be confident about opening the box?

Obviously you need to find which ones are noisy.

The three fans most likely to be there are the power supply unit (If this one, total replacement of the PSU is the only course)...... Next the fan mounted on the heat sink of your CPU. (This is not difficult to replace provided you buy the proper replacement.)

Then the video card may have its own (Sorry, not sure of yours.) Replacement depends on the design and may be easy - or near impossible!

Sometimes there are extra fans but you should be able to see what is there.

A bit of plastic tubing or rolled up paper will allow you to listen to each fan except the PSU, though you can get an idea of what that is doing by listening near to the PU's case.

If the noise is a grumbling or squealing sound the bearings are going, but most fans become noisy as they age.

One brutal way to check is to stall the fan with a soft paintbrush. Only for a moment, but it does prove a point! ...Don't meddle with the PSU...

Finally, accumulated dust will spoil efficiency though seldom be a cause of noise. If you switch off and carefully brush each fan clean (and puff the dust well out of the computer) this can do great things with cooling

  palinka 14:06 28 Nov 2004

Interesting thread - as often in this helproom I've picked up useful ideas from this on how to deal with my own noisy pc. Thanks, mec13 and Diemmess in particular.

  Belatucadrus 14:20 28 Nov 2004

click here recently fitted to my Medion, it has made a significant improvement to noise levels. I also took off a standard extractor fan as it was fighting the CPU fan and causing noise through turbulence. Another fan located further away fixed this.

  Dorsai 14:23 28 Nov 2004

I find the paintbrush method effective.

One thing to check is that the fan is secure. If it's mounting screws have worked lose over time, it will make a lot of noise.

If/When buying replacement fans remember that a bigger fan can shift the same amount of air at a lower RPM, and the slower the fan spins the less noise it will *tend* to make.

One useful type of fan/PSU are those with built in temp sensors. As the item being cooled gets hotter, the fan speeds up.

  mec13 18:39 28 Nov 2004

mr TomJerry seem to hint my graphic card (radeon 9200 256mb) isnt up to gaming! I presume you mean that could be the cause of my noisy machine. According to the sales rep who sold me the machine, it was supposed to be the 'bees knees' for the job required, oh well. Its what the machine was originally bought for. So basically its check inside the machine for dust etc, check fans fixings etc, or dig into my pocket purchase better fans? I;ve got to be honest, it looks like a trip to the local computer shop, with box under arm and let them give it a service.
Thanks for the good advice though

  Rayuk 18:59 28 Nov 2004

click here
This is the latest list from Toms Hardware Guide afraid your 9200 card has slipped out of the reckoning.
You dont say how long you have had the pc

  Diemmess 19:06 28 Nov 2004

Today's "Bees Knees" is tomorrow's "has-been." The card itself cannot make a noise, but if it has a fan............. Just because something is yesterday's technology doesn't mean it isn't any good, but most folk who ask for advice here are trying for some improvement somehow, and Gamers are no different from anyone else.

It will be interesting to hear what the local shop does and charges for the priviledge.

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